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Modern technology can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to media consumption and distractions. Whether you want to monitor what your children see online or how employees use their time on their work devices, Spy Apps are a great way to discover what people use devices for, how often they’re used, and what they’re sharing through apps and messenger services, even if they delete this data themselves.

What Can You Find Out Using Spy Apps?

While Spy Apps have a number of uses, the best spy apps can detect and report back on many components of individual device use. Having access to this data can protect loved ones, prevent employees from sharing restricted information and make your business run more smoothly, usually using a remote-access model that isn’t traceable by a target device user.

With that in mind, information you can find out using Spy Apps includes:

  • Text logs and call logs
  • Social media interaction, use, and sharing
  • Multimedia received, shared, and saved
  • Deleted message logs and hidden conversations
  • Messaging apps logs and deleted messages
  • Contact lists and deleted contacts.

Choosing A Spy App To Track Data On Your Phone

There are plenty of Spy Apps available to download onto your device, but choosing one that is right for your needs, expectations, and desires is important. Before committing to any contracts or app purchases, check to make sure your chosen service is compatible with the operating system on your device.

Remember that the Best Spy Apps often have system-specific builds to enhance their features, while cross-compatibility can make a Spy App less efficient. It should also be noted that simple Spy Apps aren’t necessarily bad Spy Apps; having fewer features can make a Spy App better suited to purpose, easier to navigate, and less difficult to learn to use.

Beyond these basics, other things to consider include:

  • What does the app monitor? Is that information useful?
  • How is the data delivered? Is it accessible to your technical skill level?
  • Is the app free, a one-time purchase, or includes monthly overheads? Is it affordable?

Best Spy Apps Of 2021

With so many Spy Apps available to download, we’ve compiled this list of the Best Spy Apps of 2021. Each one has been carefully considered and weighed against other Spy Apps available for download. Further details for all these Phone Spy Apps can be found at https://safeguarde.com.

Auto Forward Spy

One of the most user-friendly Phone Spy Apps, Auto Forward monitors messages, social media use, call logs, and texts. All data is sent to a dashboard, which can be logged into and navigated through any device or computer, making it highly tunable for business or home use. Auto Forward works on Android and iOS, has a single purchase price and lifetime upgrades for free.

Highster Mobile

Undetectable and remote, Highster Mobile is compatible with Android and iOS and tracks a wide range of social media and messaging apps. It’s easy to use – just download and go – so your monitoring can begin immediately. With the single purchase and ongoing support, Highster Mobile is versatile and affordable for anyone looking to monitor activity on a family or business device.


A social media specialist, PhoneSpector grabs messages from integrated social media with a high level of accuracy, including those that are quickly deleted. The format is suitable for those with little technical knowledge, has a one-time price tag, and includes wide compatibility across iOS and Android devices, making it quick and easy to institute in the home and at work.

DDI Utilities

Enjoy function over the finish with DDI Utilities, a precise Phone Spy App for both iOS and Android devices. Monitor emails, texts, social media posts, and more, then decode the resulting data with ease using the dashboard data delivery system. With a single purchase price, customer support, and no hidden fees, you won’t regret using this Spy App.


With the rise in smart devices and data sharing, Phone Spy Apps have become an integral cog in business, family, and self-management. Using these Best Spy Apps of 2021, you can live and work with confidence knowing your business and your family are protected.

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