How To Track Person Activity With A Spy App?

Using the spy apps recommended at, you can install, activate and monitor mobile phone usage without compromising operation speed, but what can you learn using a Spy App, which devices support phone spy apps, and should you be worried about a spy app being tracked? Read on for answers to these questions and Spy Tracking Apps to try.

What Can You Learn About A Person Using Spy Apps?

The Phone Spy Apps suggested at can track a number of things, but they all provide seamless, remote access to information on chosen devices. Information you can expect to get from a spy app include:

  • User information, including name, social media handles, and bios
  • Contacts, including followers and who they follow on social media
  • Browsing history, including searches and activity
  • Call logs, social media chat app logs, and voicemail logs
  • Video calls and chat room usage, including duration
  • Interaction, including comments and likes on social media
  • Photos and videos shared on social media.

Devices That Support The Installation Of Spy Apps

Most smart devices and phones have integrated parental controls for controlled browsing, but these standard surveillance and logging functions have severe limitations. These components are easy to bypass, not suitable for corporate monitoring and lack detailed logging functionality, and cannot internally monitor third-party chat apps like Whatsapp.

Development of Phone Spy Apps has surpassed these as they are available on both iOS and Android devices. Before choosing a Spy App to use, you’ll need to know the operating system your target device uses, as many apps on and available on Google Play or the Apple Store are refined for particular systems.

Then, installation is easy; simply download the required app and if it is a paid license, register your interest and get an activation code. Once this code is added to your account, you’ll have access to the information bank these apps produce either online or in a companion app.

Can A Spy App Be Tracked On A Phone?

Generally not, but there are exceptions. Some Phone Spy Apps are made to be used with target knowledge, such as those used to monitor children using the web and social media. Businesses may also choose to use apps employees are aware of, as it can motivate employees to stay on target during work hours, but many use hidden Spy Apps.

This second type of tracking app runs silently in the background, is usually remote access to be as inconspicuous and processor-friendly as possible, and requires no acknowledgment from the target. These cannot be tracked by a user and will go undetected, as they do not affect a device or its ability to function at full capacity.

The Phone Spy Apps listed on are the second type of tracking app. Read on for the best Spy Tracking Apps currently listed.

TOP Spy Tracking Apps

Auto Forward

A specialist in social media tracking for Android devices, Auto Forward monitors the followers, content shared, and media received by a target, enabling employers to check employees are not sharing inappropriate content on social media.

Highster Mobile

Dedicated to Instagram, Highster Mobile can draw messages, photos, videos, and followers and has 24/7 support available for users.

DDI Utilities

For those with tech-savvy targets, DDI Utilities can monitor calls and private messages, as well as retrieve deleted files. Nothing will remain permanently deleted using this spy app.


A multi-platform social media tool, PhoneSpector is ideal for monitoring posts, photos, and more across a variety of social media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram. Results are collated online for perusal at leisure.

Easy Spy

Made for beginners, Easy Spy has a user-friendly set-up and interface that doesn’t compromise capabilities for appearance. Results are neatly displayed on a dashboard and easy to analyze.


Whether it’s concern about family or keeping tabs on employees, Phone Spy Apps are an easy, discrete and non-intrusive way to check what your loved ones and employees are accessing on their devices. This makes them essential for everyday life, at home, and at work.

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