5 Warning Signs – How to Tell if The Electrical Wiring in Your Home is Faulty

One of the main causes of house fires is faulty electrics. There are many reasons why your electrics can develop faults. One of the most common causes is simply aging. As the wires get older the outer sheath cracks and leaves the inner wires exposed. This can lead to wires touching, creating a short and potentially sparking to start a fire.

This is one of the reasons why you should have a qualified electrician Sydney undertake an annual inspection of your electrics. They will spot any issues and advise you about them. This allows you to take the appropriate action before a fire starts.

Of course, an annual inspection doesn’t guarantee the safety of your home. You should contact your electrician if you notice any of the following. They are all warning signs that your electrical wiring is faulty:

  1. Regular Tripping Breakers

Your circuit breakers are designed to cut the power supply if there is an issue. They react very quickly and can prevent most fires. It’s normal to get the occasional trip. But, if your circuit breakers or one in particular, is tripping regularly, you have an electrical issue that needs further investigation.

This can be faulty wiring, a bad appliance, or an overloaded circuit. It needs to be checked.

  1. Damaged Wiring

While much of your electrical wiring is probably hidden in the walls, you should be mindful of any damaged wiring that you can see. That’s not just the wiring to sockets, it is also the wiring from socket to appliance. If any of this is damaged it needs to be replaced. Further checks should also be done to ensure it’s an isolated incident.

  1. Buzzing or Flickering

A buzzing noise when you plug something in or turn on the light switch suggests an electrical issue. It can be loose wiring or damaged cables. You will want to investigate further.

The same is true if you are faced with flickering lights. It is possible the circuits are overloaded but it’s more likely that there is an electrical issue that needs to be dealt with.

  1. Discolored Sockets

When the wiring is faulty and a current can flow between them you will hear the buzzing noise. It will also increase the likelihood of electric shocks when you use the socket. Alongside this, the heat of two wires touching will make the socket or switch discolor.

If you see a discolored socket stop using it, shut the circuit off, and contact your electrician.

  1. Electrical Burning Odors

Two wires touching each other create a spark which can ignite the surrounding material. In reality they generally got hot without sparking. However, this creates a distinctive burning odor. You will notice it and you’ll want to take prompt action.

The electrical burning smell is a precursor to an actual fire, shut the circuit off and get your electrician on the job.

Being aware of these warning signs means you can protect your home and your family from the anguish of a fire. That’s worth a few minutes of your time.





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