What Industries Use Silicone?

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Silicone has many uses, but it is primarily used in one industry that is poised to expand its uses even more – the food and beverage manufacturing industry. The demand for food and beverages and associated accessories is projected to continue growing at a rate of about 2% per year, so you have plenty of opportunities for expanding your silicone production if you are willing to invest some time and money into the industry.

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Food and beverage companies uses silicone additives in their products because the material adds elasticity, improves clarity, decreases absorption of flavour, and increases shelf life. Silicone’s anti-stick qualities also make it easier to clean and improve the quality of products such as pizza dough. Because silicone can be formed into sheets with relative ease, it is commonly added to bake goods, including chocolate cakes, cookies, and cakes. Its anti-fatigue properties make it ideal for products used in the food service industry, including cool-store shelves, hot dog carts, and carry-out containers. For more details on Silicone Moulding UK, visit Meadex

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Other industries that may use silicone include pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, aerospace engineering, dental implants, and medical supply manufacturers. As the market for silicone expands, there will surely be many more industries that will see the benefits of silicone additives. One thing is certain, though any product made from silicone will offer both convenience and safety to the consumer. Silicone will never go out of style, and its ability to be reshaped into virtually any form makes it perfect for creative design.

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