Make an Informed Decision with These Affiliate Tracking Software Reviews

Affiliate marketing is a great tactic which helps you improve your online sales, drive more traffic to your sites, and attract more potential clients, increasing your brand awareness and reach. There are many ways seller start with this function-based kind of marketing and numerous solutions out there, so the beginning can be confusing and overwhelming for the newcomers. Hence, we have decided to provide top affiliate tracking software reviews to help you make a better-informed decision.

The best affiliate tracking software reviews to choose the right platform

We have enlisted top affiliate software solutions available on the market. These are all best-selling, popular products and we have thoroughly reviewed their features and other details in order to help you make a preference depending on your business requirements, target audience, and budget. Read these affiliate tracking software reviews to know more about every affiliate software product. Every review consists of details about the specific product, its features and how this can help you boost your business.

  • Post Affiliate Pro

This software helps you measure commissions, track sales, offers affiliate links and also other promotional elements. Handling an affiliate program on your own take much time hence the objective of this software is to offer you a completely automated solution with less interaction from your side required. This spares sellers’ much time. The advantage of getting affiliate software is that you are in complete control of commissions, finances, and bonuses. And this software will offer you the same package which covers all features you want and most significantly – appropriate tracking of sales.

  • iDevAffiliate

This is industry-grade software for setting up and handling affiliate marketing campaigns. It is utilized by thousands of sites globally and the organization behind it has been around over 15 years actually. This software offers a unique range of features and appropriate sales tracking. If you are planning for starting affiliate marketing, you must try out this software. Newcomers can use this software as it features lots of support material in the type of instructional guidelines and extremely helpful tutorial videos. For extra queries, there is a swift help desk ticketing system.

  • JROX Affiliate Manager

This affiliate software is amazing for the sellers searching for maximizing their client base. This software is helpful for the sellers for organizing affiliate programs efficiently. Different features and tools are incorporated in this software platform and are presented via a great looking and easy-to-use interface. As a seller, you’ll be in charge of every sale commission and payment – there is no hidden cost besides one-time purchase cost of the software. And this really makes this affiliate software convenient and cost-effective in the long run.

  • LinkTrust

This is a software platform which offers sellers comfortable digital solutions for starting and handling affiliate marketing. Sellers use this software for setting up their affiliate campaigns, handling commission payouts, and attract affiliates registrations. There are different payment plans which sellers can select based on the marketing requirements and business type. Every package incorporates a complete feature set, which is really exclusive and enables a profound level of customization and integration with current software and third-party platforms. So, if you are seeking an advanced affiliate software program, then LinkTrust is what you want.

  • AllAffiliatePro

This affiliate software product is utilized for handling affiliate marketing campaigns. Sellers can opt for installing this software on their sites or select for a cloud-based platform as well. It helps in easy-to-start and manageable affiliate marketing. Managing time-consuming tasks like approving affiliates, tracking sales, and handling payments is made easy utilizing this software. Every package features a free installation service so this platform might be perfect for those who are not very tech-savvy but like to utilize affiliate software for the program because of anticipatable costs. Hosted version is paid on monthly basis, based on the number of clicks the site receives.

  • OmniStart (OSI)

This affiliate software is made for the non-tech users and the newbies who look for starting an affiliate campaign on their site. For this reason, it is available just as a hosted version which doesn’t need any complicated server work or installation. This is instead straightforward for using and performs in an automatic way which is excellent for the newcomers, yet it might be insufficient in terms of some features which the advanced users might look for. There are different payment plans available for accommodating various sizes of affiliate campaigns with simple upgrade options.

  • AlstraSoft

This software can be used by only business owners who want to start up and handle their own affiliate programs and maximize the reach of their digital business. This software can be used for setting a completely functional affiliate network. Premium set of features and affordable price based on the one-time license buying must make it more lucrative to many retailers seeking to venture into affiliation.

  • AffiliateWP

If you are using a WordPress blog or site, then opt for taking the benefit of AffiliateWP. This software not just promotes your services and products; it integrates with the well-known WordPress eCommerce plugins and provides real-time management and reporting of your affiliates. It easily tracks affiliate referrals through caching, offers WooCommerce coupon tracking, and features one of the best support frameworks in the industry. There are three available plans: Business, Personal, and Developer.

  • Interneka

This is fully hosted software solution which provides with new and professional affiliate managers as same as all of the tools they require developing and growing an accomplished affiliate marketing campaign. The Hosted Solution is meant to the one which doesn’t need any installation on your part – you just pay your startup cost and monthly subscription cost and all of the difficult tasks are done by Interneka. As such, there is no requirement of additional storage, for any cost centers or maintenance often related to this type of software, making this software an amazing option if your budget is confined.

If it sounds like the type of software which might be helpful for enhancing your business, then you can choose any other affiliate software platform discussed above.

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