5 Things you should do before opening your virtual store

Have you already decided to open a virtual store? Good, but do not go so fast. Before being online, there are certain topics that you must study and analyze step by step.

The first step to sell online is to create an online store? How much time and effort should be invested to get my first order? Is creating an online store for free? What investment do I need?

Throughout the following lines, we will explain what in my opinion are the five things that you should take into account before opening your online store.

And as for the first question I have asked you, the question of whether the first step should be to create your virtual store, I already say NO. That before you have to make many other decisions and know what advantages it has.

Let’s see 5 things you should do before opening your virtual store:

1. Define your client and the product you need

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What product to sell? Here comes the big question. Well, he who solves a need. In a nutshell, make it useful to your customers.

And as we are in the online world, that has Google searches, that is, that is an article demanding. What to sell online is usually one of the most important things in your new project. Why do you want to make an effort if you see that your product only has 20 searches per month?

What good will it be to have the best virtual store, the one with the best design if you do not know who your client is? You have to know their ages and hobbies, their income level. If they are married or single and, above all, if they will be willing to buy your product.

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2. Study the competition if there is one or look for something similar in other sectors

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Studying the competition does not mean copying. But it is going to give you an idea of how the threads are moving in the sector that you have chosen.

Observing your competitors you will be able to see which keywords they use to position, as they order the categories of their store, which photos are the ones that must be put … and a lot of information. That there is competition is not bad. On the contrary, it means that there is a demand for your product.

Do you have a very new product that still has no demand? Well, things get complicated, but there’s nothing to worry about. Look for references in other sectors that are similar to yours and see how they are made.

You have to notice especially what forms of payment they offer, what shipping costs they charge, how they have the product loaded and how it is classified; how is your shopping process, what questions do you answer to your customers, look at the frequently asked questions, and what kind of customer service do you give?

You can take advantage of it to find things to improve that can become an added value of your future store.

3. What added value do you offer?

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We have said it in the previous section. The fact of observing your competition does not mean that you copy it, but you do look at it to make the following reflection: how could I improve the product that my competition offers? What added value can I give to prefer me and not my competitors?

Studying the competition is very convenient, but not to create the same. What good is it to create the same if there will already be many other competitors that have a better position than you? You have to squeeze your head to meet that need that customers demand and that nobody has covered. And, believe me, it is not true that you hear from time to time that “everything is already invented”.

4. Create a good store with a good catalog of products

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Eureka! You already have it. You have managed to find your client and have managed to improve the products of the competition or have come up with one that you think will be able to solve many of the needs of your future clients.

It is time to decide on a platform and create the virtual store. It is important that you create a good selection of products, and that your added value stands out in the online store.

With a little investment, you can know if your customers will be willing to buy you. And if this test is already a success, it is time to create a good online store. The best. And with a large catalog of products.

A couple of other tips. Make sure your online store has very clear concepts of navigability and, above all (and increasingly) that is responsive, that loves the mobile environment and is displayed perfectly on the mobile.

5. Test the store and test your business idea with acquaintances

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It is a good idea to test your business idea with a small Google Adwords campaign. But once you have your shop set up, with the best catalog of products, the best design and all the guidelines to start selling online, it does not hurt that you do as a kind of “brainstorming” among all your friends and acquaintances.

Surely, when browsing your virtual store, you will see those “little fringes” that you have overlooked and will help you improve many aspects. Do not obsess. And do not be scared. Internet sales also have a lot of common sense. By applying it you will achieve great results.

As you see, it’s a whole process. From the idea to the execution. You will have to invest time and effort, we will not cheat you. It is not easier to have an online store than a physical store.

Although it is true that the investment is less, you will also have to invest in a product, online marketing tasks, positioning … And even if you venture into the online world, do not stop serving customers. Customer service is one of the basic pillars of success.

Are you willing to set up a virtual store? Have you already considered these five things that we just told you about? Would you add any more? Tell us in the comments.

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