Unique gifts for parents at the wedding of the newlyweds: ideas of choice

At the wedding, it is customary not only for young people to receive gifts from their parents, but also to give them recipes. Many traditions and customs are associated with this. Let’s figure out what can be presented as a gift to the parents of the newlyweds, and what to give at the wedding is not worth it.

Traditions and customs newlywedsnewlyweds

Traditions to present gifts at the wedding from the newlyweds to their parents came from the times of Ancient Rus. At that time, the bride on the second day of the celebration was bestowed on the pope with the groom’s mother, and he, in turn, gave her relatives. Such gifts were presented as a gratitude for upbringing, as well as a sign of respect or veneration of the native halves.

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In the modern world, the tradition of giving to the parents from the newlyweds is preserved but was transferred to the first wedding day. After the groom gives a surprise to the bride’s family, he should ask permission to call his mother-in-law – mother, and father-in-law – father. A similar request should be made from the bride to the groom’s parents. This is a traditional wedding ceremony, which is now often missed. It does not matter how the young parents will be called young, the main thing is that they have good relations between them.

The custom of presenting gifts to moms and dads from newlyweds is not only in Russia but also in other European and eastern countries. The form may be different, but the tradition is unchanged.

What should surprises not the young ones present to their parents?newlyweds

When choosing a gift for parents, the bride and groom should focus on what is a sign of attention, as well as respect. From this, it follows that one should not buy any trinkets, cheap souvenirs or other useless things as a gift for a wedding, as this will be expressed inattention and neglect.

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Mother-in-law and mother-in-law should not give potholders, aprons, as well as kitchen towels purchased in the store, as it is trite and not interesting. For father-in-law and father-in-law, you should not buy cheap cufflinks or tie clips. Knives, watches, and mirrors – this is also not the best gifts, because according to the signs, these gizmos are symbols of family quarrels. If for the young – this is not so relevant, then for the older generation, the signs are of no small importance.

Parents of young parents with their own handsnewlyweds

Often there are situations when young people are severely restricted in means, but you want to give a gift to your parents, then you can make an original surprise with your own hands. The bride can sew kitchen towels, potholders, apron, and robe, embroidering the initials of her mother-in-law, and for a father-in-law, a warm waistcoat or a quilted jacket for a house will be an excellent surprise.

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The groom, if he is a master at work on wood, to come up with gifts is more difficult, but really, the main thing is to show imagination. For his mother-in-law, father-in-law, he can make beautiful and interesting frames for photographs, cutting boards for kitchens with carved patterns. These things will be exclusive, and, of course, will please mom, as well as the beloved daddy.

Surprise from the bride to the chosen parentsnewlyweds

When choosing a gift, it is not necessary to purchase expensive gifts, you can stop the choice of useful, pleasant things. You can choose as a surprise, presented at the wedding of a father-in-law, as well as mother-in-law:

  • modern and necessary household appliances, which will be useful both at home and at the cottage;
  • various accessories for the bedroom;
  • sets of kitchen utensils.

Surprise from the groom to the beloved’s parentsnewlyweds

The groom, taking the lady of her heart from her parents’ house, must necessarily prepare original and unique gifts. An excellent option of surprise from the groom to the bride’s parents at the wedding will be home appliances, which makes it easier to manage the economy and create a home coziness. For example, an interesting way to please is the presentation of a robotic vacuum cleaner, a washing machine or a dishwasher – they will be symbols of the fact that these items will be a substitute for the assistant, whom the groom takes away from home. To choose the perfect surprise, you’ll have to try, it’s best to find out from the bride what her mom and dad lack for complete happiness. If you want to present at the wedding testy, mother-in-law a costly surprise, you can stop the choice in the suburban area, and at the ceremony to hand them a photo of the new possession and, of course, the keys.

Same giftsnewlyweds

That one of the parents at the delivery of a gift at a wedding inadvertently did not take offense, it is possible to create for all four identical or separately surprises for dads, moms. The cheapest way to please them will be the delivery of wedding medals: “Best Dad” or “Best Mother”. An interesting option will also be a watch with an original engraved engraving on them. For a change, you can give umbrellas, and in them to fix bills – it will be a pleasant surprise. An electronic photo frame is a universal option for a gift from the young at the wedding to parents, there you can upload wedding photos that will remind you of a fun and exciting event. For bonding family ties, finding a common language as soon as possible, you can buy four tickets to the theater or a concert with moms, dads from the young.

A gift from a newlyweds-married couple of parents should be useful, so the choice should be approached with all responsibility. The main thing is to present it with respect.


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