How to make a home vertical garden to decorate small terraces? (STEP BY STEP)

Create your vertical garden to decorate your beautiful and natural terrace

The vertical gardens are an original way to give your deck a unique decoration with your plants and succulents favorite, why do you teach to do it from home in an easy way. You will be surprised by how beautiful it looks!

What is a vertical garden?

It is a personal project that mixes a love for plants with a passion for decoration, it is also an original alternative to give life to your terrace. This wall houses natural plants in an embossed pattern and gives off a scent that will scent your room in the countryside.

How to make an inexpensive home vertical garden?


  • Your favorite plants – all must be sunny or shady.
  • Wooden pallet.
  • Pots of the same design.
  • Hooks.
  • Pair of scissors.
  • Paint the color you like – we suggest it be white.


  • Paint the wooden pallet with the paint, give it several coats to cover it completely.
  • Drill holes into the wood frame where you would like to jam the pots.
  • Hook the pot to the hook and place it on the pallet.
  • Hang on the wall that you like the most on your terrace.

Advantages of having a vertical garden in your house

The gardens on the walls are the best idea to purify the air in the rooms and bring the countryside to urban areas, they are also the option to give a peaceful atmosphere to your terrace,  so don’t think twice and try this simple idea. that will give your mini jungle a refresh.

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