Take advantage of your garden organize and decorate your outdoor spaces

Summer is the time we most enjoy the garden organize, either by having so many hours of sun or by the good weather that we generally enjoy in Spain. Take advantage of your vacation to fix it and put some order in it. If you are one of the lucky ones who enjoy a large garden but does not know where to start to garden organize and decorate your outdoor spaces here you will find some resources and basic ideas that a garden should have. But if, like many mortals, you do not have a garden.

Garden organize and decorate your outdoor spaces

garden organize

Create a small space with pergola, sofas and a coffee table where you feel comfortable and at ease, safe from ants and plants, sun and heat. Space where you can enjoy the comfort of good sofas while enjoying the breeze and the landscape. Click here to get expert gardening help tree care in WA.

Outdoor evenings

garden organize

Another essential element is to have an outdoor dining area, in a comfortable place to sit and talk for hours, a must for day and night conversations.

In the morning you will enjoy a special breakfast accompanied by the morning breeze, or fun dinners with your family and friends. Do not forget the parasols, a long table of natural wood placed on the porch or the entrance of the house, where you will fit as many friends as you invite.

A corner of shade for the hottest days

garden organize

The heat of summer can often be very intense and although sunbathing is a pleasant practice, during those hours where the heat tightens, a covered area that allows isolating the sun and heat is undoubtedly essential.

There are numerous options to create a natural oasis either by grouping trees or by sheltering under umbrellas. An awning or pergola would also be a solution to combat the heat of summer, look for an area where there is a tendency to have current, shade and lots of vegetation.

Exotic gardens

garden organize

If you like nature an exotic garden is a beautiful solution, in Villa Buena have managed to recreate the authentic paradise, with flowers of all kinds, palm trees, trees, shrubs and of course along grass carpet. It is not only an aesthetic and pleasant experience but also an incredible smell due to the fusion of aromas.

Although they are very beautiful gardens, they require more dedication than a garden with native plants. A Mediterranean garden that is self-managed, with its bougainvillea, olive trees, palm trees, aromatic herbs and other shrubs, which also requires little water.

Cozy privacy

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Getting a sense of privacy and security in an outdoor space especially if it is a rural or remote environment is essential for many reasons. A wooden or brick fence provides not only insulation but also security.

Once safe, we will create a second layer, an isolation based on a fence of shrubs or natural elements that provides a more natural and integrating environment, you feel protected in the middle of the jungle, as it happens to the fabulous garden of Villa Kristel.

Cooking outdoors

garden organize

A grill or a small outdoor kitchen could be a remarkable point of a patio, but it is necessary to be chosen with knowledge. There are many options to choose from the type of grill (gas grill, electric or wood grill).

If you have space, it is best to separate the grill area from the social area, but close to the dining area. In any case, it is a very useful attribute for any outdoor space since it offers more options to enjoy summer in the garden. Villa Jaume grill is beautiful, but if you do not have much space for the mobile option of Villa Casi, is just as successful and playful.

Outdoor storage

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It seems to be unnecessary, but a place of storage outside is inevitable to maintain order. It will help you to order cushions, blankets, light bulbs, torches, pool towels, ashtrays, vases, garden tools, even an area for the garden dining room.

In case of bad weather, you can protect all these accessories in this space. The most important thing is that this space is integrated into the landscape, that does not clash, uses vegetation and reeds to integrate it, a more contemporary and elegant option is the one used in Villa Fresh.

Accessories and decorations

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Just give the touch to your garden with art and decorative pieces, but you can also use the magic muslin curtains hanging from the pergolas, vases, blankets and large pots, as they do in Villa Amson.

Lighting at night

garden organize

One of the best moments to enjoy the garden is the night, it would be a shame not to be able to do it because of bad lighting. Indirect lighting is one of the best ways to do it, it is relaxing and not aggressive, and with it, you can enjoy the views of your garden organized.

Light up walls, trees, pools from the ground up, everything that is beautiful and you want to highlight it illuminate it, you will enjoy it when the day comes down. Just add small spotlights to illuminate the environment with torches and lanterns, get inspired.

Ibiza delicaciesgarden organize

If you still do not have a swimming pool and you plan to take one, keep in mind the views, the orientation is paramount, a pool with a view of the sea or a beautiful garden is something unique. The perfect example is the pool of Villa Yelda, although it is not very large, it stands out for the right choice of materials and its location.

Maybe this summer you spend most of your time in the garden, having breakfast, doing barbecues for lunch, a dinner with friends for dinner, or a pool party in the afternoon. Take this summer to fix it and leave it impeccable for next year.

But if you do not have a garden or a summer house, the best thing you can do is enjoy the gardens of one of the Bonder & Co villas, where you will find all the comforts, without any obligation.


The Garden is one of the most personal and intimate spaces that have a house abroad since it is a space in which we can share incredible moments in the company of our family and loved ones. Whether it is holding a meeting, a party, celebrating a special achievement, etc. Your garden can be your great ally in these special moments, so you have to pay attention and give some care that makes it look your best Do not you think? That’s why today I took on the task of looking for different ideas to organize the garden and also to decorate it. I hope you like my proposals very much, that’s why today we bring you some ideas your garden organize and decorate your outdoor spaces.

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