What clothes to buy your newborn baby

If it is not long before you have your precious newborn baby in your arms, it is time to buy clothes. So that it is not crazy we give you some small tips, so you do not store clothes in the cupboards that you will not use later. Do not miss them!

We must be very clear that babies grow very fast, so much so that they double their weight at five months and triple the year. With these data, you have to buy what you need but without going over and looking for the balance, so as not to wear garments only once. Nor should you forget that usually friends and family often give a lot of clothes when the baby is born and is usually of these sizes.

So that this does not happen, before leaving shopping you have to consider the measures and the approximate weight with which the baby will be born to have an idea, and buy clothes of an approximate size.

How should the clothes be for my newborn baby?

newborn baby

Clothing should be easy to put on and take off. Babies are very upset by all the clothes that have to be put on their heads. The best thing is to bother them as little as possible, your baby just wants you to let him sleep and rest, and not be the “cuqui” of the park.

For greater comfort, the most indicated are the garments with buttons or clasps from top to bottom, they can be behind or in front of the garment, in this way it will not be necessary to put on or take off the clothes for the baby’s head.

There are some pajamas or pants that have brooches in the crotch that allow you to change the diaper. And there are also bodies, shirts, and pajamas that are crossed, those are the best.

Everything that has closures, big appliques, very finite elastics, strips or laces should be avoided because they can bother or scrape the baby.

An important fact about the clothes that the newborn baby will use is the type of fabric, those garments that are in direct contact with the skin of the newborn must be 100% cotton, that is, they do not have to have any synthetic fibers.

Currently, there are many clothing chains, which sell this type of garments with the name of “bio cotton” and are the best. And you should always avoid wool, especially if you lose hair because the baby could inhale it and have respiratory problems.

Another way to avoid allergies is to wash this clothes by hand with neutral or white soap, even with the soap of a lifetime that our grandmothers made with recycled oil.

What should I buy if born in summer

newborn baby

Summer is usually very hot and more for your newborn baby, which still does not regulate the temperature well.

And is that although the clothes should be light, it is always good to cover the head and feet of babies to help them regulate their body thermostat.

You already know that newborns tend to lose heat through the head and, in general, their feet are somewhat colder than the rest of the body.

If you are going to buy clothes for your newborn baby that is born in summer you should not forget:

  • Cotton body
  • Sets of shirt and shorts
  • Strapless dresses
  • Short sleeve dresses
  • Light summer hats
  • Openwork booties
  • Fresh cabanas for the cradle
  • Lullaby or toquilla

What should I buy if born in winter

newborn baby

Although our baby is born in winter, it is not advisable to wrap it too much, although it should not be cold. Sudden changes in temperature are not good for your newborn baby.

Ideally, think about what activity you will do and how long it will last if you are going to be indoors with heating or outdoors. In both environments, you should put a warm garment that you can easily remove so that always maintain the same temperature.

You also have to avoid getting cold by changing your diaper. To be quick, choose pants with an opening between the legs or elastics at the waist and avoid whole monkeys.

  • If you are going to be outdoors and the temperature is low you should put a hat.
  • If it is windy you can put the rain protector of the cart to protect it.
  • If you are going to buy clothes for your baby that is born in winter you should not forget:
  • long-sleeved cotton body
  • Sets of t-shirt and long pants
  • Warm cotton wool hats
  • Bootees or socks
  • A thermal bag
  • Lullaby or toquilla

Our last advice …

newborn baby

Newborns find it hard to regulate their body temperature and lose heat easily. They have little fat and also move little. Therefore, good advice, they must wear a garment more than the clothes you wear at that moment.


 your baby has just been born, and it is the most wonderful feeling you have ever experienced! However, having a newborn baby also brings a lot of doubts and concerns to the new parents: the consolidation of the bond between the mother and the baby, the beginning of breastfeeding, the diaper change, it is time to buy clothes the new sleep-wake rhythm of the parents and the hormonal “storm” of the new mom, immersed in a new role, which at first can be overwhelming. We help you to know how the newborn baby is, how to start breastfeeding and how to rest as much as possible to recover from the birth in the best way. Surely, you are already familiar with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, and either you have been very lucky, or in all probability, you will be accusing a lack of important sleep. Adapting to the sleep-wake rhythm of the baby and combining it with the day to day is quite complicated in the first weeks since the little one needs a period of adaptation. We explain how your newborn baby is developing in these first weeks and we solve the most frequent doubts.

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