Tom DeLonge’s Net Worth: How the Musician and Entrepreneur Built His Empire

Tom DeLonge is a musician and entrepreneur who has built his fortune over the years. As a former lead singer of Blink-182, he has accumulated hundreds of millions in album sales and toured the world. He is also the founder of To The Stars Academy and EarthTech International, which together have generated millions more in revenue.

Tom DeLonge’s Net Worth

Tom DeLonge’s net worth is $75 million. Though he may not be a household name, the musician and entrepreneur has accumulated wealth through his company, To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science. The company was founded in 2014 and focuses on aerospace technology research and development. Tom DeLonge is also known for being the guitarist for Blink-182, an alternative rock band that released its first album in 1994.

Since then, he has won three Grammy Awards with the band. It is one for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals for “All The Small Things” (2000), one for Best Rock Album for Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (2001) and another one for Greatest Hits (2004). In addition to Blink-182’s success as a group, DeLonge also has several solo projects under his belt including Box Car Racer (2002) – formed with drummer Travis Barker from Blink 182. Angels & Airwaves – formed with former bassist Matt Wachter (2005). Atticus Clothing – founded with Adam Blumethal aka DJ AM aka Adam Michael Goldstein.

Tom DeLonge's Net Worth

Career Overview

Tom DeLonge is best known as the founder, frontman and primary songwriter of Angels & Airwaves, a rock band he started in 2005. He has also been involved with other projects including Box Car Racer, Blink-182 and The Offspring. He has sold over 10 million albums worldwide with his work with Blink-182 alone.

In addition to his career in music, Tom DeLonge is an entrepreneur who founded To The Stars Media Inc., which includes the following companies: LIFT (the company’s research arm), Poetronix (a software company) and Sekret Machines Films (a subsidiary film company).

Overview of his career in music

Tom DeLonge is a musician, entrepreneur and author. He was the lead singer of Blink-182 until he left in 2015. The band’s hits include “Dammit” and “All the Small Things,” which gained popularity during the pop punk movement of the 1990s.

Since then, DeLonge has worked on his solo projects and formed other bands, such as Angels & Airwaves (A&A) and Box Car Racer (BCR). He’s also acted in films like “Love Is All You Need” and “Don’t Blink.” In addition to his music career, DeLonge has also worked in film production jobs for several big companies including Disney XD Network and Paramount Pictures.

Importance of his contributions to the music industry

As a musician, DeLonge has been a critical player in the development of the music industry. He released his first solo album, Blink-182’s self-titled debut, in 2003 just before his departure from the band. The album was hugely successful and went platinum within two years. He also co-founded Angels & Airwaves, who have had several major hits and sold out concerts around the world. The band’s 2009 album Love was certified gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

However, DeLonge isn’t just known for being a talented musician. He has also made significant contributions to technology and business startups through his company To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science Inc., which he founded with former government contractor Harold E. Puthoff in 2017 after leaving Blink 182.

Future prospects

DeLonge’s projects include social media platforms and apps, a new television show, and even an upcoming movie. He also owns a company called To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences that “furthers the exploration of unexplained phenomena and advanced alien civilizations by conducting and coordinating research, training and education”.

DeLonge has numerous ways to make money from his ventures. He could sell you a book or a t-shirt through one of his websites, he can sell your information to companies who want access to your data (which is already happening), or he may start selling ads on his website once he gets more popular by using Google AdSense or other similar services.


Tom DeLonge is one of the most prominent figures in pop culture today. Whether you’re a fan of his music or not, it’s hard to deny his influence on culture and society as we know it today. As an entrepreneur, he has partnered with some of the biggest names in business,, including Google, Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd., and SoftBank Group Corp. We can expect even more from Tom DeLonge in the future as his net worth continues to grow and expand into new industries like virtual reality (VR).

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