The 10 benefits of Tai Chi physical and psychic

Healthy physical practices are necessary precisely to maintain optimal health. Not only to help you have an ideal figure and a strong body but an active mind, motivating energy and an immune system that is proof of everything.

Movement is essential to enjoy a dynamic organism, that is, the complete functioning of the internal organism so that the favorable results can be seen abroad.

However, many people neglect the importance of dedicating part of their daily time to focus on physical exercise. Either because they are busy, exhausted or the options that exist do not interest them or do not suit their needs. But if you are one of these people, have you ever thought about practicing Taichi?

What is taichi?

Also known as Tai-chi or Tai chi chuan (etymologically meaning “sublime ultimate fist”). It is considered a practice of martial art and even as a physical sport in China, which is its place of origin, development, and evolution. Being a very popular and respected activity that is practiced worldwide today. It was considered an internal martial art, developed for hand-to-hand fighting.  But over time it evolved into an activity that connects the body with the spirit and the mind of the person.

It consists of a series of sequences of movements that represent elements of nature connected to the human being. They work balance and physical strength. As well as mental concentration and emotional calm to perform these movements correctly. This spiritual characteristic is due to the influence of Taoism, where those who practiced it could have better control of their internal energy or ´chi´, manage, redirect and strengthen it on any occasion that needs it.

How is Tai Chi practiced?

This sequence of continuous movements brings multiple health benefits to those who practice it, because they can work all the muscles in their body, activate the upper brain functions and appease their emotions in order to correctly perform the exercises, thus bringing an improvement remarkable in lifestyle.

These movements are fluid, slow and smooth, despite the fact that it was originally developed for hand-to-hand combat. That is why it is necessary that, during its realization, you are in a state of relaxation and openness, so that your body can balance at its own pace, feeling how the energy is concentrated and distributed throughout it. Here there is no validity or speed, agitation or pressure for a perfect movement.

Taichi Modalities

There are two modalities of this physical activity, which can be practiced depending on your physical condition. Know what they are.

1. Taichi Yang

This modality is ideal for those people who cannot perform high impact exercises, raise strength or be too demanding. They consist of long, smooth and fluid movements, where the purpose is to strengthen muscles and physical elasticity, improve concentration, release worries and work breathing.

2. Tai chi Chen

On the other hand, this modality is more for people who have greater body resistance and seek to release energy or dynamic physical activity. It is about maintaining a state of relaxation without interruption and then releasing a firm and fluid movement. However, these movements are not as demanding, so you do not need to have a high physical resistance to perform it.

Benefits of Tai Chi for our health

As it is a complete physical activity, Taichi can bring us various benefits that we can take advantage of.

1. Diverse activity

Taichi is a practice where, as we have already mentioned, you work your whole body, so you can see favorable results in your figure. But it also helps other areas of your body such as balance, orientation, coordination, and muscle tone. However, do not make the mistake of believing that it is a simple activity since it has a demand that you will feel in your whole being when you finish the session.

2. There are no complications

As they are low impact routines, you do not need to lift weights or have a high level of physical resistance, it is indicated for people of any age and, of course, it does not pose a health risk or that can generate injuries or muscle tears. As long as you become aware of properly performing all positions, rather than forcing or rushing. It is one of the best benefits of Tai Chi.

3. Meditation on the moveThe 10 benefits of Tai Chi physical and psychic

In this way, Tai chi is also known, since you exercise your mind and your emotions to achieve a balance and stability that allow you to put aside worries and focus on activity. Of course, bringing subsequent results of calm and relaxation. It is one of the best benefits of Tai Chi.

4. Mood balanceThe 10 benefits of Tai Chi physical and psychic

Thanks to the emotional and psychological work, you get an improvement in mood and in the general energy of the organism. So you can face problems with a more positive attitude, avoid wearing out as the day goes by, change your lifestyle and have a better disposition to face everyday problems. It is one of the best benefits of Tai Chi.

5. Improve your endurance

Although they are simple and low impact exercises, they have enough strength for the body to appreciate it, in what way? Reducing daily fatigue, avoiding physical exhaustion due to stress. Generating greater resistance to cover long distances, increase muscle tone or help to have that ideal figure.

This is because there is a noticeable increase in blood circulation, skin flexibility, brain oxygenation, and skin cell regeneration. Which also brings the plus of making our skin look fresh and rejuvenated.

6. Fights diseases of the body

Such as arterial, cardiac, gastrointestinal diseases, problems to reconcile and maintain a restful sleep, general malaise and mental degeneration. Again this is because your body is in motion and once it reaches the ideal balance. It will fight the damaging actions of stress on its own.

7. It improves the respiratory system

This is due to the work of deep and guided breathing that controls both the amounts of air puffs that we must take and their correct expulsion. In the same way, it helps to expand the chest and teaches new breathing techniques that help to have better control of it and turn it into a relaxation tool of its own.

8. Developing a new skillThe 10 benefits of Tai Chi physical and psychic

Best of all, it is a skill that helps you with your physical health and finding yourself. Allowing you better control over your health and emotional responses to better focus on your day-to-day performance, even outside of Taichi’s routines. It is one of the best benefits of Tai Chi.

9. Help in orientation

Perhaps this benefit is not seen to be of great importance, but due to not having good control of balance or body balance, we are prone to suffering an injury when walking, running or improperly lifting something heavy. Similarly, this activity is ideal for those who have difficulties with orientation and gross motor control. Since it strengthens the mind to concentrate on the right job.

10. Reduce pain

Since we work with breathing in conjunction with muscular and mental relaxation. We can use this new ability to control our response to automatic pain levels.  So that it decreases and does not cause lasting discomfort. It is one of the best benefits of Tai Chi.

Extra tips to consider

You do not need to have a previous preparation to start this ancient practice.  But you can take into account the following tips.

-If you are not comfortable or comfortable with your current physical condition. Then you can take previous walks for a couple of weeks. This will help you to have a greater resistance and avoid getting tired as soon as possible.

-If you want to start this practice but do not know how, then look for the guide of an expert in Taichi to guide you, register for classes of this activity or look for guided video tutorials to do at home.

-Practice in a place where there are no distracting elements. Instead seek to do it in your garden, a quiet park or play relaxing music to help you focus on the exercises.

-Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to have freedom of movement. That does not cause irritation or strain your muscles to avoid injury.

-Remember to be honest with yourself and perform the modality that best suits your current health situation. Then you can put more demands on yourself to increase your resistance.

Keep an open mind and leave prejudice behind. The idea is that you can feel better with your interior with an active work that is reflected on the outside. It does not matter if at the beginning you do not do it well, with practice you will improve. Do not worry either that your colleagues can point you out. Because they were once beginners and will understand your situation.

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