Corporate Team Building: What it is? How it works?

Making corporate team building is one of the most effective ways to make your team happy and improve the profitability of your business.

To do corporate team building in the right way, we need to know the processes and methodologies from which it was born and identify the most suitable ways for our team.

If it is true that doing corporate team building helps communication between employees, stimulates creativity and increases the ability to work in groups, choosing the right way is essential to achieve satisfactory results.

Corporate Team Building

What is team building?

Team building literally means “building a team” and it is an educational methodology born in 1941 thanks to the work of the German pedagogue Kurt Hahn, who founded the first experiential training school in Aberdovey, Wales.

At the origins of the team building there is a research conducted by the psychologist Elton Mayo in the 20’s that showed how the productivity of workers in a telephone company improved in relation to the consideration and the attention reserved by the managers to the team members.

Since then, team building has become one of the most used methods by companies, together with brainstorming to improve employee happiness, thereby increasing corporate profitability.

Why choose to do corporate team building?

If you manage a company or a work team, you will be asked how to avoid bad moods, bickering and relationship problems, which inevitably reflect on productivity.

Doing team building helps to create what many people call the community spirit of the company and that, according to some recent studies and research, would be the key to making the companies work properly.

Working in the same space and sharing the same desk is not enough to create harmony and team spirit. And sometimes having a good relationship with superiors and colleagues in the company is the starting point for creating a healthy and productive work relationship.

Choosing to do team building is a way to cultivate relationships between colleagues in the right way, because to come to work happy does not only mean being rewarded by what you do or your salary, but also means spending your time well in the office.

Corporate Team Building

How to do Corporate Team Building?

Beyond the different methodologies with which you can do team building in the company, there are some rules to follow to make sure that a team exists and consequently operate any team building technique, here are the most important …

1) Involving everyone: Work goals must be shared with all team members, who will feel more united and involved.

2) Exchanging useful information beyond corporate hierarchies: Even if having a well-organized workflow and information flow is important, sometimes giving the work team the opportunity to exchange information independently is useful to make all the actors involved active.

3) Having common objectives: Sharing the same objectives with the team and the results achieved is of fundamental importance for doing company team building. This is because each member of the group will feel fulfilled in pursuing a common goal that will also strengthen the sense of belonging to a single group.

4) A destiny and a clear task: A fundamental thing to do corporate team building in the right way is to divide tasks and responsibilities and make sure that they are clear to all members of the group. Everyone must know what their role is and what is expected. With a goal to reach everything will seem easier.

5) Supporting a climate of mutual trust: At the base of any relationship, professional or otherwise, there is mutual trust and respect. Although we are all different, each with their own ideas and visions, this is not a disadvantage, indeed it is precisely what can help us in team building. The important thing is to be able to interact in the right way.

6) Taking responsibility: Within a team it is important that everyone takes their responsibilities without downloading them to others. To admit that you are wrong is the first step to improve.

7) Do not take the merits of others: The success of the group or the achievement of a goal is never due only to one but the entire work group. To be able to do corporate team building in the right way, we must not gratify the wrong person or the individual, but we need to create experiences that generate collective successes.

8) Knowing how to help others, without leaving their role: To make a work group work in the right way, it is important that everyone has well-defined roles and responsibilities. But this does not mean that you cannot get out of the rigid patterns imposed by the company hierarchy to help your team members when needed. Making company team building is one of the ways to stimulate this kind of behavior within the group. It is no coincidence that one of the team building actions most used by companies are team games: in football, for example, each player has role and it would be a problem if everyone ran without the ball without schemes and rules, but when needed also the attacker returns to the defense to help teammates and it happened several times that the goalkeeper made a goal!

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