How to prepare your annual training plan for the gym

Already thinking about the new challenges of 2019? If in the next months you have proposed to improve your physical shape and achieve specific objectives such as increasing volume and muscle power, establishing a good annual training plan is the first step to achieve it. Do you know how to do it?

Organizing your annual program of sessions in the gym is important, because that work routine you design is going to be the starting point to start training with all your energy and guidance to help you move towards your goals while maintaining your motivation. One year gives a lot, so the first thing you should do is divide that time into different stages and determine, for each of them and with the help of a training diary, a goal and a concrete method of work.

How to prepare your annual training plan for the gym?

annual training plan

Do you want to start going to the gym next year? When you face the calendar with the idea of making your annual training plan for the gym consider these considerations and steps to follow …

1. Analyze the physical condition that you are part of and set yourself a general goal

You go for it and you are tracing the path to achieve it. For example, your challenge may be to lose weight or increase muscle mass, gain physical strength and also reach the summer with an enviable six pack.

2. Divide the training planned for the whole year in medium and short cycles

Do not forget that the first results of your effort will take some time to arrive. A good idea is to set quarterly objectives and determine work sessions for each of them. Following our example, a first outline of your annual training plan would be …

  • First trimester: General set-up, with aerobic exercise to help weight loss if necessary and increase cardiovascular capacity and endurance.
  • Second trimester: Strength training in the gym combining exercises that help you, first to gain volume and then definition.
  • Third trimester: Strength training, working individually on the different muscle groups, with special emphasis on strengthening the core (remember that one of your objectives was maximum firmness in your abs).
  • Fourth trimester: Cross training, in which you combine aerobic maintenance activities with strength sessions in the gym.

3. Determine specific times and routines

Once defined the annual plan of training in the gym, it is necessary to go into detail and establish the number of weekly sessions and rest periods! Besides the type of exercises to include in each of them.

annual training plan

Tips to make your annual training plan work

We must insist that any training plan for the gym must be personalized. There are numerous factors to take into account to be able to do yours so that it is a good work tool for you. Some tips that can help you elaborate it are …

  • Be flexible and realistic: Include in your annual training guide the necessary rest periods. Probably, you will start the year ready to train daily and not miss a single session but, we know what happens with the over ambitious purposes that the New Year brings. Think of a plan that, in principle, you can fulfill.
  • Include variety in your workouts: A whole year repeating the same sessions can end any motivation. In your planning, insert a week in which you try new activities and ways to train. You can dedicate one to isometric exercises, another to train with gym machines, to try the benefits of a super slow workout or a circuit session … you have a thousand options to avoid boredom and keep moving forward.
  • It establishes the times and rhythms of execution: At least in a week it is interesting to make a specific plan, including number of series and repetitions of those exercises that are especially interesting for your goal (in our example: abdominal).
  • Monitor other aspects that influence your plan: Even if you focus on work in the gym, remember that incorporating details about the best diet for each stage of your training plan or about the complementary aerobic activities you can do will help you make your annual gym routine an absolute success.
  • Consult your doubts with a personal trainer that values your needs and limitations and advises you on the exercises that you must carry out at all times.

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