10 Science Fiction Films Not To Be Missed in 2019

Dystopian worlds and futures, alien invasions, monsters that emerge from the past, heroes and heroines, cyborgs, a far distant galaxy that cannot find peace and much more. 2019 will be a year of great science fiction films with great emotions.

Present and future, men and monsters, aliens, warriors, good and bad. The genre sci-fi is also a great protagonist of the New Year, opening a window on fantastic realities and worlds that could be, exploring human nature and staging the eternal conflict between good and evil.

If you want to know more, discover science fiction films here that you cannot miss in 2019.


Science Fiction Films

Release date in USA: 11 January 2019

Previewed at the New York Comic Con 2017, Replicas sees Keanu Reeves as William Foster, a scientist who specializes in synthetic biology, who loses his wife and children in a car accident and uses his knowledge to bring them back to life. The company is full of obstacles and leads Foster to clash with the government and to deal with the scientific ethics and its limits and obsessions.

The film is directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff (writer of The Day After Tomorrow and The Tourist and director of some episodes of Homeland ) and the script bears the signature of Stephen Hamel, who has already worked with Keanu Reeves as executive producer of John Wick (the whose third chapter is expected in 2019 ).

Alita – Angel of the battle

Science Fiction Films

Release date in USA: 14 February 2019

The gestation of Alita – Angel of the battle was really long, but the film based on the famous manga Battle Angel Alita by Yukito Kishiro will finally see the light on Valentine’s Day. The story is set in a futuristic and fantastic world and tells the story of the young cyborg Alita, devoid of memory but with incredible fighting skills. Saved by demolition by Dr. Daisuke Ido, the cybernetic girl becomes a ruthless bounty hunter.

Produced by James Cameron and Jon Landau and directed by Robert Rodriguez, the film counts on a stellar cast. The protagonist is Rosa Salazar (The Divergent Series: Insurgent, Maze Runner 2 and 3, Bird Box), her savior and mentor is Christoph Waltz and her enemies are Mahershala Ali (also expected in Green Book and True Detective 3 ), Ed Skrein and Jackie Earle Haley and the fascinating and lethal Jennifer Connelly.

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Chaos Walking

Science Fiction Films

Release date in USA: March 1, 2019

Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley will be major players in 2019 with Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far from Home and Star Wars: Episode IX. But they will not only appear in the Marvel and Star Wars franchises. The two young actors will also be the performers of Chaos Walking, film based on the first novel of the homonymous necklace written by Patrick Ness, The Knife of Never Letting Go.

The film is directed by Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Edge of Tomorrow) and is set in a dystopian world and future, in which humans have been decimated by an alien virus, which has generated the “Noise”, a constant flow of images and sounds, through which it is possible to perceive the thoughts of others.

Captive State

Science Fiction Films


Release date in USA: 29 and 28 March 2019

Captive State is eagerly awaited by fans of the sci-fi genre and beyond. The film directed by Rupert Wyatt (Prison Escape and The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) tackles from an unprecedented point of view the topos of the alien invasion and shows a new era of peace, prosperity and well-being for the Earth, after the conquest by part of a mysterious extraterrestrial race. But something does not square. Thus, while a part of humanity cooperates faithfully with the aliens, another is organized to rebel against the extraterrestrial occupants.

The film arrives in the room 6 months after the first release date announced (August 2018) and presents several famous faces of the big and small screen, including John Goodman, Ashton Sanders (Moonlight), Vera Farmiga (The evocation – The Conjuring, Bates Motel) and Madeline Brewer (The Handmaid’s Tale).

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Ad Astra

Science Fiction Films

Release date in the USA: 24 May 2019

Before the release date was postponed, Ad Astra was due to arrive in the hall on 11 January 2019. But despite this, little is known about the new film by James Gray (Little Odessa, Lost Civilization). The only certainty is that the protagonist will be Brad Pitt. According to the (sparse) synopsis circulated online, the actor will play a brave astronaut, Roy McBride, who leaves in search of his father Clifford, who has been missing for 20 years in space after trying to reach Neptune in search of signs of extraterrestrial life.

Along with Brad (also film producer) starring Tommy Lee Jones (in the role of the missing parent of the protagonist), Ruth Negga (World War Z, 12 years slave, Loving), Donald Sutherland, Jamie Kennedy (Scream, Ghost Whisperer – Attendance) and John Finn (Cold Case – Unresolved crimes, The Walking Dead).

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Science Fiction Films

Release date in the USA: 31 May 2019

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is the third (expected) chapter of the Legendary Pictures MonsterVerse, inaugurated in 2014 just from the first film on the radioactive lizard. In the sequel to the film directed by Gareth Edwards will return only two actors of the original cast, namely Sally Hawkins and Ken Watanabe, respectively in the role of Dr. Vivienne Graham and Dr. Ishiro Serizawa. But the new protagonists promise not to regret the old performers, starting with Millie Bobby Brown, the very star of Stranger Things.

With her there will also be Kyle Chandler (known to the general public for the TV series Ultime dal cielo), Vera Farmiga and (obviously) a lot of monsters. In addition to Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah will play in the game, three historic antagonists of the gigantic presidium chestnut.

Men in Black: International

Science Fiction Films

Release date in the USA: June 14, 2019

22 years after Barry Sonnenfeld’s first film, it’s time again for Men in Black. The film directed by F. Gary Gray is presented as a spin-off and aims to revive the franchise of the secret organization that controls the presence of aliens on Earth. The new “men in black” are agents H (Chris Hemsworth) and M (Tessa Thompson), who take the place of the “historians” J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones). But there is also room for some old acquaintances, primarily the head of the MIB, or agent O, played by Emma Thompson.

At the moment, the plot is still shrouded in mystery. The first trailer revealed that the new pair of Men in Black will travel all over the world (or almost) and will draw even more futuristic and technological weapons and equipment than those of its predecessors, but did not provide clues about the kind of threat that H and M will have to face. Of course there is that the MIB will not meet Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko, since the crossover with 21 Jump Street seems to have been permanently trashed.

Gemini Man

Science Fiction Films

Release date in USA: October 4, 2019

The information on the new film by Ang Lee, 2 times Oscar winner for the secrets of Brokeback Mountain and Life of Pi, are risked, but those that were leaked were enough to tickle the curiosity of fans of the director and science fiction fans. The film revolves around the character of Henry Brogen, an elderly killer who wants to get out of the loop, but is hindered by a younger clone of himself, able to foresee his every move.

The role of the protagonist is entrusted to Will Smith. Other performers include Clive Owen, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (recently seen in 10 Cloverfield Lane and Fargo 3) and Benedict Wong (Doctor Strange, Avengers: Infinity War).

Terminator 6

Science Fiction Films

Release date in USA: 1 November 2019

After a long, long run, on November 1, 2019 (unless new changes) will arrive in the hall the new chapter of Terminator. The film is the sixth of the saga, but is chronologically placed after T2 and does not take into account the previous films. The blow was decided by James Cameron, returned to the lead of his creature after having reacquired the rights of the franchise, and gives hope to fans for a restart in style.

For the moment, we know little about the plot. The protagonist should be a young Mexican woman, Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes), persecuted by a new Terminator (Gabriel Luna) and protected by the mysterious Grace (Mackenzie Davis). But there is a certainty and it is what has driven the hype of fans to the stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton will resume the iconic roles of the T-800 and Sarah Connor. Not only. To feed the curiosity (and the good feelings) of the lovers of the saga there is also the presence of Tim Miller in the control room.

Star Wars: Episode IX

Science Fiction Films

Release date in the USA: December 20, 2019

Star Wars: Episode IX is probably the most anticipated science fiction film of 2019. The film directed by JJ Abrams (who took the helm after the abandonment of Colin Trevorrow) will conclude the new trilogy begun by the same director with The Awakening of the Force and with good probability it will mark an epochal moment in the history of the “far distant galaxy”.

At the moment, the plot is top secret, but rumors are not lacking. A rumor appeared on the net suggests the possible death of Rey and Carrie Fisher’s brother declared that Leia will be an important presence. Also on the title would emerge some details that would link the new chapter to the original trilogy? But as always in these cases, only the vision and the official will reveal the truth.

What titles would you add to this list?

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