41 Best Things to do in Downtown Toronto (That’s Fun!)

Toronto is one of the most charming Canadian cities, both locals and foreigners immediately fall in love with its modern and multicultural atmosphere. It is the largest metropolis in Canada, therefore, there are many places to enjoy and in this article you will find the best things to do in downtown Toronto. As it has natural wonders, historical sites and museums, shopping centers and amusement parks, in short, the city has something for every visitor.

The best psychological thrillers in film history

These are some of the most outstanding psychological thrillers in the history of recent cinema, from cult jewels to great Hollywood productions that you should not miss if you are a fan of the genre.

The cinematic sub-genre of the psychological thrillers focuses on unstable emotional and mental states, characterized by unexpected twists, trauma, surprises, suspense, and a clear dynamic of tension. Some of the elements that manage to excite, awaken the bile and stir the spectators’ anguish are games of mirrors, violence, doubts between good and evil or mental confusion.

Four trends in home interior decoration

There are different decoration trends that describe the topicality of those proposals that succeed in interior decoration. This theme constantly evolves with new proposals that are the manifestation of creativity that defines the essence of what adds beauty and comfort to the home. Here we discuss some of the trends that can currently inspire home interior decoration …

The best horror movies to watch on Netflix in 2020

If this 2020 you are looking to spend a scary time with the light off and the blanket close, Netflix and its horror movies catalog of original content offer you several options.

The Netflix catalog has a repertoire of movies from multiple genres to enjoy when spending time on TV, tablet or mobile, and incidentally make Martin Scorsese rage. Horror is one of the favorite genres of Netflix subscribers, and the platform has opted for scary content to satisfy demand.