Modern architecture trends are always changing

Architecture never stays still. Constantly changing, it sees trends come and go with time. Which is just as well, really, or we’d all be living in 1970s’ high-rise blocks of flats.

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But what of the next few decades? Are there major changes ahead? We take a brief look at the trends which people in the know expect in the near future.


One trend which is expected to take hold sometime soon is that of increased collaboration between architects and people from different disciplines.

It is predicted clients will wish to involve experts from fields other than architecture when designing projects. This could be anyone from an environmental scientist to a social anthropologist – anyone who can bring insight into the way buildings and spaces are used and run. This, it is believed, will form part of a more holistic approach to building, which will also see the current divide between private and public space becoming blurred.

As architects become more aware of their responsibility to the public, and not just those living or working in the buildings they create, we will see architects expanding the functions of their creations to include those living and working nearby. So we will see more private buildings offering space for use by the public, and large projects ensuring they benefit the town or city they are in.


Somewhat linked to this trend towards social inclusion and the benefit of all, there will, it is thought, be a move away from so-called starchitecture – that is, the celebrity status of the architect. Buildings will become more geared towards a social purposefulness, with less emphasis on the status of the building and more on the good it can do.


One of the main trends everyone seems to agree on is that of using a wider range of materials to build with. There has already been a move away from brick, concrete and steel to the likes of timber. According to CNN, tall wooden structures are currently springing up all over the world.  Also more and more people are realising storage solutions from garage shelving are a great use of the space inside these structures and they have got to be planned better.  With more storage and shelving space it will allow for more items to be shown and displayed to potential tourists or buyers.  If you want to get hold of garage shelving for your outbuilding, shed or garage then take a look online.

Other materials, such as packed earth and fabrics, are also becoming more common. The use of a tensile structure, can offer a flexible approach to building.

So it seems we will see more and more concentration on inclusive, innovative designs in the years to come.

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