How to install wall mount faucet

The wall mount faucet looks stylish and it is a space saver. It is old-fashioned but now it is being popular anew for its elegant feel. Installing a wall mount faucet is quite more difficult than the deck mount faucet. Because you need to plan before construction and also you have to be good at measurement. If you want to install a wall mount faucet yourself then you can follow the guideline on how to install a wall mount faucet.

Required Tools:

  1. Drill machine with
  2. Tape Measure
  3. Level
  4. 1/8” drill bit
  5. Hack saw


Step 1: Stop the water supply

Step 2: Select the wall where you want to set the faucet

Step 3: Set 2*4 or 2*6 cross member middle of two studs

Step 4: Now take the level and sure that the cross member is parallel to the ground

Step 6: Select the midpoint of the cross member

Step 7: Masure the cross member from bottom to upper where the center (take 2” if it is 2*4 or 3” if it is 2*6)

Step 9: Drill and  hang the faucet valve on the center screw (hang the middle clamp among three)

Step 10: Then take the level tool and seat it on the valve

Step 11: After accurately leveling then mark the holes of the other two clamps of the valve

Step 12: And also mark another hole in the middle clamp

Step 13: Remove the valve

Step 14: Now drill all marks and notice that the hole diameter is not bigger than the clamp hole.

Step 15: Set the valve again and screw up all holes

Step 16: Remove the protective cap and turn off the handle stems

Step 17: Now turn on the main water supply

Step 18: Now Check the leak (if there are no leaks then again install the protective cap)

Step 19: Take a board and drill it for installing the trim (it can be tiles instead of the board)

Step 20: Now cover the studs and valve back end with the board

Step 21: After covering then remove the protective cap

Step 22: Add the handle adapter to the stem until is tightened to the wall

Step 23: Insert the handle spline extension into each stem

Step 24: Cut down unnecessary handle spline extension

Step 25: Attach handles to each handle spline except the middle one

Step 26: Adjust the spout shank to the middle one

Step 27: Add the spout to the shank and rotate until tighten

Step 28: secure the spout with the screw

Following the guideline, you can install Moen Wall Mount Faucet.

How High Should a Wall Mounted Faucet Be

It depends on the upper level of the sink. If you set your faucet too close to the sink. Then you can’t move your hands or some things properly. If you set the faucet too high from the sink. Then the water can be spread around the sink instead of inside the sink. For this, one to three inches height is more preparable for the faucet height from the sink. But it is not the universal truth for every wall mount faucet. Because if your bowl is bigger than the normal bowl then you can set the faucet higher. If the bowl is smaller than the normal bowl then you have to set the faucet closer to the bowl. After all, you have to notice that the water doesn’t spread outside of the bowl.

Are Wall Mount Faucets More Expensive to Install

Installing a wall mount faucet is different than a deck mount faucet. You have to go behind the wall to set the wall mount faucet. Cutting the wall and set it and fix the wall again. it generally increases the expends. If you, do it yourself then you can reduce some expends. On the other hand, you need a plumber which will increase your expends. Keep reading, Blocked toilet: when to seek a professional?

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