Blocked toilet: when to seek a professional?

The revenue of the drainage and sewerage industry is forecasted to be $9.5 billion this year. Alexandria experiences extreme temperatures due to its geographical location; it is the leading cause of clogged drains in this area. Rapid and extreme climate variations and the cold weather in the winter season can doubtlessly cause impairment to residential plumbing.

Maintaining and ensuring that the plumbing system is correctly operating is very important. Ignoring a clogged drain’s problems can easily lead to the development and growth of debris or other materials that may prevent water flow to the house. This debris, in turn, can lead to blocked toilets. The build-up of toilet paper is a common reason for clogged drains. When a home uses excess toilet paper, it can cause blockages and prevent the toilet from flushing correctly. Such blockages can be commonly fixed by making use of a plunger or drain cleaner.

One can fix blocked toilets only if water runs through the toilet when flushed. But if it gets filled without draining, it is advisable to contact a licensed professional drain clearing company to avoid more complications. Below are the reasons why one must seek help from professionals for clogged toilets.

  1.   Plungers are only a temporary solution

Making use of a plunger may not work in all situations. If it doesn’t work, then it’s time to call or seek a professional for help. When this happens, the professionals can help with the issue that lies beyond a plunger’s reach. If not done correctly, a plunger can break the wax ring present at the bottom of the toilet. It also might lead to more damage and flooding. If water starts clogging into any other drains in the home while flushing the bathroom, it is a severe problem that requires professional attention. It is also not recommended to use chemical products for blocked toilets because pouring chemicals into the drains can lead to corrosion and cause leaks.

  1.   Hidden problems within the pipes

Often there are clogged toilet problems that one cannot see. However, they smell terrible, and there is no doubt that one must get it fixed by a professional at the earliest. Depending on the nature of the problem, it could lead to the house getting too smelly or even infested with rodents. It could even cause an invisible leak on the other side of a wall or underneath the floor, giving rise to irreparable damage. It may also lead to a mould that is not good for the respiratory system. Hidden or invisible leaks result from clogged toilets. It will raise the water bill when it is left unchecked. The foul smell is evidence of a huge issue and can lead to respiratory problems. Taking care of the problem by oneself may lead to further damage; therefore, it is best to consult a professional if there is an invisible leak before the issue worsens.

  1.   Foreign objects in the pipes

Any material or belonging might end up in the toilet sometimes. The result of flushing it down the toilet can cause clogs. These issues cannot be diagnosed with a plunger. It can only cause more damage to the septic pipes if they reach too far. The most effective way to solve problems like this is by hiring a professional. This act could also protect the pipe from experiencing even more damage if unclogging is incorrectly done.

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