How to Tell If My Car Needs an Oil Change

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If your car is running slow and it doesn’t seem like it is in good working order, then you are probably in need of some tips on how to tell if your car needs an oil change. Before you run to the store to purchase a new oil change kit, there are a few things you can do to find out the signs that your car needs an oil change. The easiest way to tell if your car needs an oil change is when the engine starts to get really hot or cold. If you notice that the engine gets really hot during the start up process and the temperature does not return to normal after about 30 seconds, then you probably need an oil change. Take it to the garage for a service if you’re unsure. For Gloucester MOT and servicing, visit Swift Fit

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Another way to tell if you need an oil change is when you see the oil becoming thick or thin. If you notice that the engine gets hot and the oil gets thicker when you turn the engine on, then this is another indication that you should replace the oil. Another common sign that you should have an oil change is if you notice that the oil starts to get a thin film on it after a certain time. This means that the old oil is drying out and making a film. Once the film dries, it will not flow as smoothly as it did previously.

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Once you have determined the signs that your car needs an oil change, you will be able to make a better decision on how to go about changing the oil in your vehicle. If you need a full change, you may want to take your car to a garage.

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