The pros and cons of a TV

Technology has rapidly advanced over the last couple of decades, making it an essential part of everyday life. It is rare to come across a home without a television set, which was the complete opposite 30 years ago. Aerials are needed to gain access to full media viewing. TV aerial installation Bristol companies can be found here:

With the advancement of technology, it has made TVs more appealing and multi-functional. They can be seen as computers and are a good source of entertainment and distraction at home. As with all technology, there are advantages and disadvantages to owning a TV.

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An advantage is to have access to immediate entertainment at all times. It is cheap and way and conveniently accessed from the comfort of home. With all the many different channels accessible, there is something for everyone to watch, ranging from the news and sport channels, to cooking and music shows.

Psychologists use the term ‘social surrogacy’ to explain the phenomenon of how a TV can be a constant companion. It can fill a void of loneliness if one is living alone and can also distract one from boredom.

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On the other hand, a disadvantage of TV is that it can make a person lazy. It can stop a person from going outside as can be used as an alternative to walking to the cinema, for example. It can also become addictive as for someone who constantly watches tv, it may be harder to stop.

It also has a lot of exposure to consumerism. Most channels are filled with adverts promoting the latest gadgets and toys.

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