Things that you Should Check After the Storm

In February, we saw a wave of winter storms arrive in the UK, which battered many parts of the country. From flooding to uprooted trees, the damage was seen all over the UK.

For many people, now is the time to begin tidying up and repairing after the storm. Here are some of the things that you can check to make sure that your home is in a good state of repair…

Outdoor Structures – Sheds and greenhouses that were vulnerable to the storm should be checked over for damage. Broken and damaged roofs, as well as the actual structure being moved or bent should be things to look out for.

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Roofs – The roof of your home keeps you safe and may have taken some damage in the storm. Check for any signs of loose or missing tiles from the roof, and also check the guttering for signs of damage.

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Pipes – Pipes should be checked if you live in an area where flooding occurs, as well as pipe fittings. It may be that you need replacements like these copper pipe fittings like these , and it is also worth getting your drains checked, especially if you are vulnerable to flooding.

Trees – If you have trees around your home and in your garden, it is definitely worth getting a professional tree surgeon to take a look at them. Even if they have stood up against the storm, they may have been damaged and weakened putting them at higher risk of falling and causing injury or damage.

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