All About Shadow Clinique, Apply In Two Minutes and Last All Day

The novelties of this new season keep coming, is the case All About Shadow Clinique the new shadows of Clinique.

This year the brand has renewed the color of its shadows and is committed to a colorful look.

A festival of color with finishes ranging from matte to metallic.

Monkeys, duos and paddles are now easy to apply, with a creamy and unformed texture.

They also provide an intense color in a single application thanks to its “Layer Fusion” technology. An intense color that does not “fix” in the crease of the eyelid, nor “vanish” throughout the day.

Today women need products that are applied in 2 minutes, but at the same time remain unchanged and last all day.

All About Shadow Clinique now makes it very easy for us.

Q & A Jenna Menard (Clinique Global Color Makeup Artist), Resolves All The Questions We May Have With All About Shadow Clinique

All About Shadow Clinique

How Do I Decide And How Do I Choose Which Shadow Of All About Shadow Clinique Is Most Suitable For Me?

The new powdered eye shadows: Soft Matte, Soft Shimmer and Super Shimmer, are designed for all types of women. The texture of Soft Matte favors a soft, silky and matt appearance. The texture of Soft Shimmer offers the eye a brightness easy to achieve, providing a subtle luminosity. Finally the texture of Super Shimmer, is really perfect to achieve a spectacularly bright finish.

How Is All About Shadow Clinique Different From Other Eye Shadows?

The unique formula of All About Shadow Clinique is incredibly soft and rich, which allows it to be truly “buildable”. You can easily create a soft color base with just one stroke of a brush, and gradually build the color to make it much more intense. There is no limit in the combination of colors, being able to mix an infinite number of tones.

What Are The Fashionable Shades That Will Be Used This Fall?

The blue tones are very fashionable on the catwalks and are my favorites for the eyes. Use an intense blue All About Shadow Clinique and your eyes will stand out much more. To achieve a more dramatic look, look that is very fashionable, use the  All About Shadow Quad  in  Galaxy  combined with the new  Quick liner for intense eyes, and if you just want to try what is the trend, try a softer blue like All About Shadow  in  Lagoon.

All About Shadow Clinique

Roses are also very fashionable. Many women avoid wearing the pink color in their eyes, but in reality it is a color that favors a lot. A soft pink stick like the All About Shadow Clinique in pink Camisole is great for a day look. The pink combined with an intense brown work very well to create a smoky eye. Try the All About Shadow Clinique in chocolate tone and you will achieve a sensual look in pink tones. A trick to make the eyes stand out more, is to use the pink shadow combined with the new Quickliner For Eyes Intense in Amethyst.

How Can Women Who Wear Glasses Make Their Eyes Stand Out?

The glasses combined with eyes that stand out, are a perfect look. The key is that the shadow is visible. Sometimes a single shadow is not enough, so apply some bright colors or even throw yourself and create some graphic shape to highlight your eyes.

What Are The Biggest Myths About Eye Shadows?

  • “Eyeshadow does not favor me” … Women love to say these things because they do not know how to apply it.
  • “The eye shadow makes you look tired” … Select shades that resemble your skin tone and make your eyes stand out.
  • “The shadow of eyes is impossible to put” … It takes practice, take it easy.
  • “Eyeshadow never lasts” … They will keep the right products.

How Can I Improve My Eye Shape With Shades Of Colors?

Using different techniques, you can easily improve your eye shape and your figure.

All About Shadow Clinique

When it comes to highlighting the color of the eyes, there are combinations that make the eyes stand out more. For blue eyes use bronzes and peach tones such as Sunset Glow, Nude Rose, At Dusk and Sand Dunes. For green eyes, purple tones such as Lavender Out, Loud Purple Pumps, Twilight Mauve and Branded Plum. Finally for brown eyes, play with blue tones and golden tones like Deep Dive and Nightoap.

But the most important thing is how the product is applied. If applied properly, you will achieve the perfect look. To make the round eyes stand out, a line should be drawn on the upper and lower lashes and then apply a little shadow. On the other hand, people who have an almond-shaped eye shape, should draw a line around the outside of the eye and finish with a shadow finish on the top, to raise the look. Finally, for sunken eyes, use a darker color to accentuate the eye contour, creating more depth.

What Are Your Best Eye Shadow Tricks To Create Different Looks?

What I definitely like the most, is to make layers with powdered shadows. My best shadows looks, have been created with so many tonalities, that later I have forgotten what colors I had used. For this reason I invite everyone in their house, without any fear, to start experimenting with the different shades, until they find their perfect look.

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