Interesting facts about the sun

Here in the UK we have a strange relationship with the weather and with the sun in particular. When we find ourselves in the depths of winter, we look forward to warmer, sunnier days. But when the summer rolls in and we enter into a period of heatwaves, we often find ourselves longer for cooler, even rainy days. We also become incredibly thankful for the Brise Soleil from Aluminium Systems that we have on the outside of our offices, that help to keep the interior cool. In the UK we have very changeable weather and so as a society we are neither set up for long cold winters, or hot sweaty summers.

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Whether you are a sun worshipper or not, we can all agree that the sun is pretty magnificent.

The sun makes up over 99.8% of the mass of the entire solar system and it is thought to have a diameter of 870,000 miles. That is an incredible size and is about 110 times the Earth’s diameter. The sun is made up of two main gases. The first is hydrogen which makes up around three-quarters of the sun’s total and the remainder is mostly helium.

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As well as being incredibly large in size it also travels at incredible speeds of around 220km every second. This is evident from the fact that it takes the light from the sun only eight minutes to reach the Earth. This means that it is travelling at around 300,000km every second.

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