What is the Best Cut of Lamb for a Sunday BBQ?

When it comes to feeding your family and friends at a party, the best you can offer is flame-licked meat. As usually the norm, a barbecue is a fancy feast that comes with merry and memorable drinks, and as such, you need the best lamb cut from your local lamb butcher.

Choosing the best lamb cut for the BBQ is not that easy, especially if you are still a newbie in the kitchen. Don’t worry. We have your back. Here is the best lamb cut you can opt for.


The leg is one of the most active organs of the lamb. For this reason, you should expect it to have some leaner meat and a strong flavor. It has low-fat content, suitable for those intending to cut weight.

You should not overcook leg steak because it has low fat. To get the perfect flavor of the steak, you can pair it with some herbs and spices like garlic.


The breast is the fattiest of all parts in the lamb. It is also the most underrated and underused parts.

This part produces a tender, flavored, and inexpensive roasting joint if rolled around. Since the cut comes from the belly of the lamb, it is fat and therefore easy to spoil when overcooked. If you want to get juicy and delicious lamb meat, you should smoke the cut for a few hours.


The rack is the best end of the lamb neck, containing the eight ribs. This cut has a delicate flavor, which means adding some lighter flavor gives it a better taste.

Rack is an inexpensive cut that gives tender and delicious meat. The amount tastes better when chopped into cutlets and roasted or grilled on the barbecue.


The lamb shank is an inexpensive and straightforward lamb cut that makes the perfect BBQ. The cut is obtained from the lower part of the back leg. It, therefore, contains a lot of collagen. When simmered, the collagen gives the meat a rich flavor and soft texture. It is the best lamb cut for making stews and slow-cooking.


The shoulder is another hard-working part of the lamb, which means this cut is rich in flavor. Although it takes some time to become tender, when you roast it slowly, it makes the perfect choice for roasting. Cook the lamb shoulder on the bone if you want to maximize the flavor. When you pull the meat with a fork after cooking, it falls apart.


Lamb rump cut is obtained from the animal’s back. It is one of the leanest parts of the lamb but less watery. If you want to get the best taste of the rump, you should avoid overcooking it. It can easily dry out and lose flavor when overcooked.

This cut gives the best flavor when pan-fried then finished in the oven for about five minutes. When you slice it, the pink center makes it more attractive. You can also cut the rump into chops then grill or pan-fry for the best flavor.

The best lamb cut depends on how you want to prepare your BBQ. For slow cooking, you should go for the ramp, legs, and shank. You can get the perfect lamb recipe when you plan to prepare your BBQ for family, but first, begin with a fine cut from your favorite butchery.

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