Which concrete flooring will best suit my office?

Concrete flooring has significantly advanced, and it is no longer the typical dull grey. These days, concrete flooring comes in a wide range of colors and tones, shining or sparkling with subtle detailing. Concrete floors are suitable for residential flooring and commercial flooring, including office floors. They have just the right sophistication to make your office a modern workplace.

There are many reasons to embrace modern concrete flooring from experienced installation companies such as policrete, including quality flooring, durability, and elegance.

Here are some of the concrete floors that will best suit your office.

Polished concrete floor

Polish treatments are used on concrete floors to transform a dull floor into a stylish one that reflects the light with a unique sparkle. A polished concrete floor is suitable for office space as it can give the elegant look of marble, tile, granite, or even polished stone when the installation and polishing are complete. Modern polishing techniques for concrete floors make it possible to achieve an affordable floor with a high gloss finish that leaves everyone in awe. However, for quality work, ensure you hire an experienced concrete floor installation company.

Painted concrete floor

A painted concrete floor is also suitable for an office space to add a touch of color to enhance a dull room. A professional and experienced contractor can design a concrete floor to look like tiles, floorboards, carpets, granite, or even rugs using stencils, borders, and freehand designs. Ensure you choose a creative design for the perfect office floor. It is best to select colors that complement your interior decor, add a sense of natural light, and make the office space more prominent. Note that concrete resurfacing may be necessary if your concrete floor is in poor condition because the paint may not bond well to the concrete.

Stained concrete floor

Stained concrete flooring is the most versatile as it enables you to achieve the perfect floor that fits your budget, interior decor, and personal style. The concrete stain bonds deeply with the concrete providing a fade-free and long-lasting color effect. You have a choice between acid-based chemical stains and water-based stains, but both offer unlimited decorative choices to suit your office decor. Brown and grey are the most popular stains, but you can experiment with black, blue, or even several layers of different colors. With a stained concrete floor, all you need is daily maintenance which equals cleaning your office every day or weekly.

Metallic epoxy

You need an office floor that will impress your business partners and clients. Metallic epoxy flooring offers just that. You can choose a contemporary design or go with a unique design. Metallic epoxy flooring is easy to clean and versatile- you can integrate colors, you can design a logo on the floor, and most importantly, they are cost-effective.

Quartz concrete floors

Quartz concrete flooring provides a modern look, and it is easy to maintain. This type of concrete flooring is resistant to abrasion and impact and retains a non-slippery surface, making it suitable for an office space. It is also highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. What happens is, as the concrete slab floor is still fresh, quartz is sprinkled, and the floor is smoothened with a machine for uniform coloring and hardness.

The final words

When it comes to concrete flooring, you have a wide range of choices to achieve the perfect stylish floor for your office space.


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