How to start a landscaping business

If you love working outdoors and have some experience and skills in landscaping you might be thinking of setting up your own business. It can be an incredibly rewarding job,a s you watch the landscapes come together for clients. There are a number of steps that you need to take to set up your own business and these include:

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Business Type – you need to decide whether you want to work as a Sole Trader or set up a Limited Company. There are benefits to both of these and it is important that you speak with an accountant to discuss which option is best for you and your business.

Equipment – a landscaper will need a number of pieces of equipment. You should be able to source the ones that you need the most and then look to use a Leicester Plant Hire company such as for larger pieces of equipment that you might need on a project basis. Most landscapers will need a variety of shovels and spades as well as a good sturdy wheelbarrow. If you think you are likely to be laying lots of patios or building walls you might want to invest in your own cement mixer.

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Vehicle  – in order to get to your clients and to transfer your equipment to the site you will need a robust vehicle. Depending on the legal set up of your business you might be able to buy this as a work vehicle and claim it against your profits. In most cases you will want at least a small van so that you can carry all the equipment that you need as well as any building materials, although you could have these delivered directly to your clients property.

Marketing – every business needs to be marketed. For some this might mean large digital media campaigns and for others it may simply be posting on local forums, using word of mouth and putting leaflets through letterboxes in the local area. In the early days of setting your business you will probably find that most of your business will come from word of mouth. You can use social media platforms to help raise awareness of your business and it is a great way to show pictures of your work.

Suppliers – having trade contracts with suppliers will help you to make the most of the profit that you can make o n your projects.There are a number of national companies that have trade accounts that you can apply for. But you might also want to think about contacting local suppliers and building up a relationship with them.

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