How To Choose The Best Jeans For Your Body Type

When it comes to choosing the best jeans for your body type there are a few things you should consider before investing in the right pair for you. Most people want a durable pair of jeans that will last a long time, this will be more sustainable and better if you want to avoid fast fashion. The most important things to consider when choosing jeans for your body type are…

First workout your body type 

First you will need to workout your body type, you might already know it but if not you can decide on the right pair of jeans depending on this. Some examples are flared jeans that look better on tall figures, cropped jeans for hourglass body shapes and straight cut jeans for more boyish figures. You will find many ladies bootcut jeans online or in shops if this is the style you want to go for. These jeans are ideal for the autumn and winter months and usually suit most body types, they go with boots, trainers or most types of footwear.

Think about material 

When it comes to deciding on the best jeans for you, material is something you should consider along with style and your body type. Denim is of course the most popular material for jeans, it’s a sturdy cotton twill fabric with woven yarns. Denim washes well if you put it on the right temperature, just make sure you don’t put your washing machine too hot as this is when your jeans could shrink. Denim has been around for over a hundred and fifty years. Keep an eye out for 100% cotton denim to provide a perfect texture and organic cotton to be more sustainable. Durable denim will usually fit nicely and mold to your body.

Denim comes in a range of colours so you can consider this when you are buying too. It’s a safe option to go with black or blue denim as it can be paired with most other colours. White denim jeans are popular in the summertime and are complementary to those with long legs. You can get a selection of colours and shades of blue denim if you’re looking to buy a few pairs of new jeans.

Consider sustainability 

When investing in your new pair of jeans, you should consider sustainability and go for a pair that is long-lasting. If you already know the style of jeans that suit your body shape you can go with a similar style as your body shape isn’t something that will likely change, unless you lose a lot of weight or put on a lot of weight. However, weight fluctuation doesn’t usually happen quickly for most people. Many high street brands have been penalised for fast fashion and unfair conditions for workers, so this is something to research before buying your jeans. The more sustainable, the better.

Now you know what to consider when looking for a new pair of jeans that will fit your body type perfectly, what are you waiting for? If you are ordering online, most brands will let you send them back if they don’t fit properly so you can always order a few sizes or styles if you are unsure. Good luck with your shopping!

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