Questions To Ask Wedding Florists

Wedding flowers are always more complicated, important and stressful than almost any other flowers you will have to buy in your life. This is because you will likely be placing an order in bulk, trying to match flowers to a theme and making unusual decisions about delivery times, artificial or real along with pairing flowers with a host of potentially elaborate decorations.

It’s a lot of work and a likely big financial consideration too. Naturally, you want the whole process to go as smoothly as possible. To help you with your considerations, and to make sure you haven’t forgotten any important details, here is a list of common questions to ask your wedding florists:

How long have you been making wedding arrangements, and do you have a specialty style?

The florist’s experience should be represented in the price. While there is nothing wrong with using a new business if you are happy with the prices and service, using a florist with experience can help you avoid pitfalls when it comes to wedding flowers. Also, ask if the florist has a signature style. This could include, modern, romantic traditional or even working to a certain design specification, such as tall centerpieces for example.

What photographs or samples can you provide?

It’s essential to see a portfolio before you hire a wedding florist. Some will make you up a sample when you are close to deciding on the arrangement you want whereas others will not. However, at least there should be photographs of relatively recent arrangements that you can view. Pay attention to whether the flowers look clean and fresh, and look at the overall design of the floral arrangement.

Do you deliver on my wedding date?

Before going too far into the selection process for your wedding flowers, make sure the florist can deliver on your chosen date at the time you will likely need to properly set up the tables or any other arrangements you have made.

Will my flower selections be readily available?

Talk to your wedding florist about the flowers that will be in season around your wedding day, or you may pay a lot more for delivery. In some cases, you might even have trouble obtaining the flowers of your choice on the big day. Most florists are experienced in helping people with these decisions and providing some choices and options.

Do you offer artificial or dried arrangements?

Make sure you remember to account for things such as the bouquet or any alternative table arrangements. In some cases, a mixture of real and artificial arrangements may be used to help with the budget, or the bride may choose to have an artificial bouquet so it can be used as a keepsake. Remember to inform the florist if you’re planning to toss the bouquet so that it can be made ready for the experience.

How many weddings do you service at the one time?

A common problem some florists face is overbooking for too many weddings. Most florists can accommodate more than one ceremony a day if they have enough staff and the weddings are at different times, but it really depends on an individual case scenario. Just make sure that your wedding florist is equipped to handle your wedding with the attention to detail it deserves, and don’t be afraid to ask for a reference if you are unsure.

Do you know where my wedding location is?

This may seem like a simple question, but it’s a good idea to get this clear before the day arrives. Something such as late flowers can hold up the organization of the entire event, which would obviously be undesirable on an already big day. Remember to stipulate the different locations of ceremony and reception where applicable, and the exact delivery times.

Is there a similar substitute in case my flower of choice is not available?

It’s a good idea to discuss the potential of some backup alternatives in case the flower you have chosen is for some unknown reason not available. Choosing a flower with similar alternatives will help you in the event something does not go to plan. Your wedding florist will likely be able to advise you on a contingency plan.

Are there any additional fees and charges?

Lastly according to Word Maze: make sure there are no additional fees or charges that may come up unexpectedly. If you are receiving deliveries to separate locations, what are the extra charges? Are there any set-up fees or additional extra decorations you need to account in the price? Getting a fully itemized budget from your florist can help in this area.

Ask if there are any fees for changes to your wedding flowers, such as ordering an extra centerpiece or arrangement closer to the day. Obviously, it allows for some flexibility in this area.

We hope these questions to ask your wedding florist assist you when organizing your wedding flowers for the big day. Remember to do your research and shop around, and you are sure to find a great florist to manage the flowers on your wedding day.

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