5 trends of digital marketing to follow in 2020

The digital world is an ever-changing one. Years ago, features such as woocommerce smart coupons, woocomerce mix and match did not exist. However, as we speak, woocomerce plugins are revolutionizing the world of eCommerce. Still, on eCommerce, digital marketing is an important aspect of eCommerce. Digital marketing is the basic form of marketing for eCommerce. Every other form of marketing that relates to eCommerce is a form of digital marketing. It is through digital marketing that you create awareness about your products, services or online presence. In other words, affiliate marketing; content marketing, influencer marketing, etc. are all forms of digital marketing as long as it relates to eCommerce.

Trends are happenings that somewhat affect the movement, flow or direction of certain things. These happenings are a significant factor that defines the current craves and crest of a particular niche. This means that you will have to adjust to the demands of these trends if you intend to remain relevant in that niche. Just like every other aspect of life, eCommerce is also subject to trends. These trends have a way of shaping the happenings in eCommerce. If you are into eCommerce, then these five trends of digital marketing to follow in 2020 should interest you. These trends will shape digital marketing as well as eCommerce in 2020.

Technology will take center stage thanks to AR, VR, and AI

Truth is, there is no growth that you can make without the aid of technology. It is even more so in a niche such as marketing. Digital marketing is taking a turn for the better thank to the help of technology. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can now automate your post and upload them later. This means you should not kick yourself for forgetting to upload your post, as technology will help you do that. You can also use AR and VR to explain better to your customers where words fail you. With a VR, AR or AI device, you can sit back and allow technology to get to work. Words cause people to work their brain in a bid to paint a vivid picture. Most often than not, the picture they have in mind will be different from what you are painting. That will no longer be the case if you allow technology to do the explaining for you.

Content is definitely not going anywhere

If you think you can bypass content, you should think again. The content of your post is its foundation. This is what will convince your customers. Content will be one of the trends to watch out for in 2020. With time, the content will become more inclusive and advanced. Content will more personal, directive, explanatory and much more than just writings. It will include images, animations, and videos all optimized to make the most of passing across your message. To show you how important content is, search engines now use it as a criterion for SERP rankings.

Thanks to SERP, SEO still is in charge

It is not exactly news that search engines are the number one means through which most web users access the internet. In this regard, it is paramount to play according to the rules of these search engines. People already know this and are employing various SEO tactics to make sure they are not left behind. In 202, it will be even more so. This is because, with time, people will hardly click on the next page button. Some may not even scroll down especially when they get what they want from the first results. It will also be in your best interest to avoid any dark SEO tactics. Truth is, you will almost never get away with it. It may even cause you to have traffic without conversion. You will end up having a poor ROI.

Influencer and affiliate marketing is still a thing

While you need a digital presence to make the most of your marketing strategy, you can never ignore the impact of the human factor. On average, people will opt more for something someone persuades them to get more than something they saw on the internet. Even when they want to buy things from the internet, they still seek the opinion of others. In this light, affiliate and influencer marketing will be major digital marketing trends to look out for in 2020.

Voice and picture search will continue to grow

I am certain you know about Shazam and you use it. Yeah, imagine you can use that same method to search for what you want on the internet. In fact, it is already rampant as most phones now come with the voice assistant. All you need is tell your phone what you want and it will provide you with related results. The same goes for the use of images when it comes to internet search. Most websites will have the feature that will enable you to search for an item by uploading a photograph of what you are looking for.

Junaid Ali Qureshi

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an eCommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing and eCommerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech (a Woocommerce mix and match), Elabelz.com, Titan Tech, and Smart Marketing.

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