How Dance Evolved throughout Human History

Dance is an activity that human beings have enjoyed throughout the millennia. One of the oldest ways that we have as a society to come together as one, it has been a from of courtship, a tribal activity, used in religions and rituals and something used by warriors to intimidate enemies. Human beings have always danced and because of this there are many dance styles from all around the world that have evolved and are still enjoyed today.

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Although nowadays, dance is performed for different reasons generally than it would have been by our ancestors, it is still one of the activities that people enjoy. Whether you go to an Ibiza nightclub and dance with huge crowds of clubbers, or want to take lessons in a particular dance like these salsa classes London based RV Dance, there are many ways that you can enjoy dancing and learning new dances in our modern world.

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As well as being a fun activity, dance is also a great way to keep fit and healthy. Dance requires a lot of balance and movement, so it is a perfect way to exercise, and can be a lot more fun that spending hours at the gym, as well as being a great social activity. Joining a dance club is a great way to get out and meet other people and share an interest.

So, although nowadays we dance for different reasons, human beings clearly still love to dance – and to enjoy watching dancing, if the popularity of shows such as Strictly come Dancing are anything to go by!

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