Addiction – The Signs You Need To Know

Drug abuse is rampant in countries like Australia, the US, and the UK. Nearly 30 million individuals over the age of 14 are struggling with untreated substance use disorder. Some statistics on drugs and other substances don’t get bleaker than that.

Indeed, substance abuse might have a profound effect on people’s lives. Caught in the throes of addiction, everything from personal, physical, and emotional struggles will start to ensue. It also goes without saying that getting help and treatment is a key aspect of recovery. However, the best approach is to avoid the issue from happening by knowing the below warning signs of drug addiction:

  1. Weight Loss

Weight changes are common side effects of alcohol and drug use, though the fluctuations may differ based on drug type.

Some drugs like cannabis can increase an individual’s appetite, making them eat more than they usually do. Conversely, an individual struggling with an addiction to a substance, such as an ecstasy, cocaine might lose weight faster.

  1. Change in Behaviors

Changes in behaviors may include feeling anxious and irritated or noticing you need alcohol and drugs to relax. If the individual with heroin addiction is a loved one or friend, you can also start noticing frequent mood swings.

Most individuals who suspect heroin abuse in a friend or loved one might not even know what the substance and its related paraphernalia look like. According to the best heroin rehab, this substance is white when it is in pure form.

  1. Long-Term Life Consequences

In the later or middle stages of addiction, the negative impacts may have long-term and permanent consequences.

An individual with a serious addiction issue might trivialize, allow, or ignore these outcomes in favor of continuing their habits. Some of the long-term consequences may include:

  • Jail time
  • Damaged relationships with family and friends
  • Getting poor grades
  • Failed mortgage payment or eviction from home
  1. Issues with School, Relationships, and Work

It is normal to have an issue in most aspects of life, particularly when you care about a person suffering from substance addiction. Among the main symptoms of substance addiction is having issues with school or work.

Substance use disorder is also difficult when it comes to intimate relationships. Since individuals might feel pressured or act differently to hide their problems, this might develop stress in relationships. This is particularly true among romantic partners and spouses.

  1. Loss of Complacency, Interest, and Apathy

Although this is not normal, loss of apathy, complacency, and interest is a noticeable trait. Individuals who are usually involved in a few things and active may lose interest. Skills, hobbies, and talents that the individuals enjoy may no longer interest them.

The reason for this is that their attention might have shifted to feeding the impulse of the drug. Such individuals will also be apathetic towards things they used to feel strongly about.

  1. Red Eyes

Drug addicts may have heavy-lidded and red eyes, with constricted pupils, especially when using marijuana.

Pupils may also get dilated, and the addicts may have a problem concentrating if they use both hard drugs and alcohol.

In Conclusion!

Substance use affects individuals from all socioeconomic statuses and all walks of life. Whatever reason an individual starts abusing drugs, whether tolerance, prescribed, or recreationally, addiction might develop.

Once a full-blown SUD (substance-use disorder) develops, it might be challenging to quit using drugs without professional treatment. Substance use might also wreak havoc on the mind and body and can eventually become extremely dangerous. Hence, it is necessary to know how to read these signs before it gets too late.

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