It’s not what you think: what are the images in the sport style chic really?

Sports style – a real macro-trend, which for several years is at the peak of popularity, has inclined to its side millions of fans, among them the first-magnitude stars, and completely changed our notion of what can and can not be and introduced a completely different aesthetics.

If you talk about sport chic briefly and on business, then the situation can be described as follows: we lived quietly and suddenly, at one point, an epic combination of dress plus running shoes (which used to be a sure sign that there is a summer cottage and the time has come for the field works) flashed in glossy magazines. But it if it is short. Because most of us know – trends are not taken from anywhere and do not go anywhere. And the sports style is a real macro-trend, which for several years has been at the peak of popularity, has inclined millions of fans to its side, among them the stars of the first magnitude, and completely changed our concept of the can and can not and introduced a completely different aesthetics. Aesthetics of freedom and comfort. But first things first.

A bit of history: sports style in everyday lifeSports style

Sports chic, of course, did not become an invention of recent years. Anyone who has experienced a craze for aerobics in the 80’s will easily remember its main attributes: leggings, leggings, lycra, bright headbands, cheerful and fit Jane Fonda. Then sports things for the first time took the first cautious step outside the gymnastic rug, and so they stayed there. And, in general, it is understandable why. A beautiful trained body was a real cult, the servant of which wanted to be if not all, then many. Its body and, importantly, its involvement in the sport (familiar, right?) I wanted to emphasize, show and sell. Better than explicit sexual things in the sporting style for this purpose was not to be found.

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Since then, many beauty standards have been replaced, we had time to revisit our ideas several times, looking at Kate Moss and other representatives of heroin chic, and throw leggings away on the shelf. However, fashion is cyclical, and the interest in sports, as we have already seen, calmed down only to return with deafening success. And in the era of digital, bloggers and Instagram, fitness has become a real mania. Selfish from the gym and locker rooms of the gym, photos of a beautiful and healthy plate with food, new idols, made themselves with the help of oatmeal and squats and a million services that earn on all this. Together with social networks, the sport has formed a new reality for us, and he simply did not stand a chance to stay outside our wardrobe.

Sports style and sports chic todaysport style

However, in today’s comprehension, the sports style is rather a tribute to the dynamics and furious pace of life, when the working day can stretch for 24 hours, which means that convenience and comfort become no less important than beauty. Its role in the new interpretation of the sporting style was played by the movement of the body kit – modern sports chic teaches us to be relevant, remaining ourselves, in whatever form we are. He has no restrictions either on age or on the number of cubes on the press. Today, in the era of fitness, the ideal body – male or female, did not become the main inspiration for designers. They became negligence, relaxation, freedom from stereotypes and a slight irony in relation to themselves and to life.

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For this, we love sports style and sports chic. And those who remember Jane Fonda in her best times, love him also for the fact that thanks to his hooligan note he gently erases superfluous 10 passport years (of course for those who himself consider these 10 years superfluous).

What are sports chic?sport style

Today, when the sports style forms our everyday fashionable reality for several years, we have accumulated certain experience and developed some skills that allow us to orient ourselves in it, even on a purely intuitive level. In particular, most of us are well aware that things in the sporting style are fundamentally different from sports things. The latter are intended exclusively for comfortable training, organize the process of heat exchange in a necessary way and fix what is important to fix in the sport. It is no longer necessary to explain why in order to look modern and cool, introducing a sports style into your wardrobe, it makes no sense to go to a specialized sports store.

Stylists today often say that footwear in a sporty style is the best solution for almost any onion. Dilute your everyday image with sneakers or slip-on and enjoy how keenly and actual you look and how comfortable you feel. However, the sports style in clothes is not only sneakers and sneakers. It’s hoodies, bombers, sweet shots, baseball caps, and parks. These fabrics are technological and practical, such as neoprene or knitwear. This cut – in some cases, direct and free, in others – tight. These are colors – bright fluorescent or restrained monochrome (again we recall white sneakers, ideal for urban images). These are prints, numbers, logos, zippers, cuffs on trousers, elastic bands on a dress.

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Sport-chic: to whom, how and where to wearsport style

Of course, in a broad sense, sports style has no limitations either by occupation or by age. Even if you are a representative of a conservative profession or in your office, a strict dress code to give up the sporting style is not worth it at all. Still, it makes us more modern and fresh.


The options for introducing a sporting style into your everyday image are a lot, and it’s up to you to decide how best to quote it and what elements to use for it – color, cut, fabric, print or all of it together. Sports style today is organically combined with heels, and with jackets, and advanced brands are happy to dilute the interspersed sports style, even business suits, replacing the usual shirt on the sweetshop.

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