Fashion Tips: Improve your look in a second!

Fashion tips from a stylist who work closely during photo shoots or videos or special projects. This article will informative to get fashion tips, precious tricks for stylist looks. Leaving aside grippers, safety pins and packed edges at any moment, there are also tricks that seem obvious and trivial and yet they are extremely useful because they give that extra twist to our looks.

Here I have collected few fashion tips in this post, hope these will help you to change your look in seconds

1. High-Waisted shirt and trousers / skirt: Slip it inside without creases!

Fashion tipsWhen you have a skirt or a high-waisted trousers and you want to have the effect of the shirt brought in but you do not want those “bozzi” anesthetics that are formed when skirt or pants are tight, do this: unhook the last buttons of the shirt and make a flat knot. Then insert the knot and the ends’ well flattened along the edge of the skirt / pants. If you still see the knot, add a belt at the waist.

Fashion tips

Or … or make a knot alive! It goes great;)

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2. Shirt or tee shirt inside the pants / skirt: Avoid it coming out

Fashion tipsAnd if you want to slip the shirt inside skirt and pants, how to avoid that during the day the shirt or the long tee shirt comes out? Thread it into the pants / skirt and then raise your arms to the maximum. This is the maximum shirt that will come out of the pants / skirt during the day;)

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3. Shirt / t-shirt too big? Avoid bag effect

Fashion tipsIf the shirt or tee or even the sweater is too big and you seem to have too much “bag” effect, put the central end inside the pants / skirt to discover the waist or the button.

4. Shirt too big or too “classic”? Make it modern!

Fashion tipsA) Roll up the sleeves:

If you roll up the sleeves the effect is immediately more modern and casual (It also works on the shirts stolen from the boyfriend). Do this: pull the shirt up to the elbow by bending it on itself and roll it up (do not bend) up to the elbow, leaving the cuff out.

Fashion tipsB) Bow around the neck:

And an extra touch to personalize and renew the shirt is to close the collar of the shirt and turn around a lace or a scarf. Of great trend!

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5. Loose pants and boots

Fashion tipsDo you have wide trousers and do not know how to put them on your boots? Well fold them around the ankle, slip them into a sock and thread the boot.

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