And fashionable and warm! 10 stylish skirts for cold weather

With the onset of cold weather, many women change fine dresses and stylish skirts to pants and jeans. First of all, this happens, because it is believed that in open clothes it is much colder than in a closed one. But how not to twist any trousers will not give such femininity and elegance, as a stylish skirt.

Given this fact, world-famous designers came up with a solution for the cold season. Autumn and winter collections of clothes always include warm women’s skirts. They differ from summer versions by the density of the material, which allows them to be worn in severe frosts, especially in combination with warm pantyhose.

This season it will not be difficult to dress warmly and fashionably, without sacrificing practicality. A skirt of dense material should be in the wardrobe of every woman. For a more convenient choice, we offer you a top ten fashionable warm style skirts.


The best materials for warm skirts are wool, tweed, velvet, velveteen, and leather. Classics is a denim model. Beautiful warm skirts from denim perfectly match with the basic things of the wardrobe. This option is great for office and everyday wear. For a more strict dress code, tweed and woolen warm skirts are ideal.

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One of the warmest and most stylish materials for skirts. Models sewed from gabardine or other matter will become irreplaceable items of the winter wardrobe. Although gabardine is primarily considered a thin and lightweight fabric, it has good thermal insulation properties. Wool is often used to create outfits for fat women because it hides the flaws of the figure.

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DENIMstylish skirts

The most versatile material. From a denim fabric, it is possible to sew the most various style beautiful warm skirts, since sexual short models and finishing graceful long. Denim perfectly stretches, well trim a figure. Jeans skirts can be worn year-round.


Very nice and high-quality material. With the help of a corduroy skirt, you can create a refined and elegant image. Corduroy keeps warm well and perfectly fits the figure. Such models due to their texture in the form of longitudinal scars, suitable for slim as well as for more complete women.

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TWEEDstylish skirts

This matter has been associated for many centuries with the English style, which never goes out of style. Tweed has good thermal insulation properties, as it is a variety of wool. The tweed feature is the specific texture of the goose paw. Matter protects well from cold and wind, it is distinguished by its special strength and durability.


This moisture-proof material was previously used only for the production of winter jackets and overalls. At the present time, winter skirts are also sewn from Bologna, warming them with sintepon.


This style is considered the most popular because it perfectly fits the figure and emphasizes femininity and sexuality. The classic model in this style should be knee-length. This skirt is versatile and should be in every woman in the wardrobe. The pencil skirt visually lengthens the legs and gives an image of elegance.


The skirts of this style are distinguished by a slight extension, which allows you to hide some of the shortcomings and emphasize the femininity and elegance of the figure. Models of pleated and bell are very practical and convenient.


The tight-fitting style is optimal for women with a slender and tight figure because it is he who emphasizes all her charms in the best way. In this fashion, they usually sew knitted and knitted skirts.


Straight style is often used for sewing long skirts in the floor and maxi. As for the asymmetric variant, in this season diagonal and abstract prints will be relevant.


WOOL MAXI SKIRTstylish skirts

Trend number one this season – a long woolen skirt, which can be combined with neat shoes and boots. Famous designers recommend wearing a warm model in the floor, combining with monochrome turtlenecks, pullovers, as well as jackets of a fitted cut. Special attention is paid to models with print in the cage, which is convenient and practical. Monotone woolen skirts of classic black and gray base colors can be an excellent alternative to the standard pencil skirt. Another trend is a woolen skirt with a fringe, which is well combined with the boots.

Business models look great in combination with chiffon blouses and tight-fitting feminine pullovers. Such images emphasize the waist and emphasize the best aspects of the figure.


The tweed skirt is especially popular with women who spend most of their time in a cool climate. In the wardrobe of every fashionista should be at least one tweed skirt, because it is so warm and comfortable. Regardless of the style, this model is perfectly combined with a knitted sweater. A stylish pencil skirt made of tweed will not only warm you in the cold season but will also emphasize all the charms of the figure.

Tweed skirt – pencilstylish skirts

The most optimal option is considered a model up to the bottom of the knee. Models with an inflated waist lengthen the silhouette and a little slender. They must necessarily have a cut allowing them to move freely. Tweed pencil skirt looks best in the ensemble with a knitted jumper of voluminous style and boots or boots with high heels. This comfortable and fashionable image can be worn daily and at the same time look refined and attractive.


Winter 2018 was not without a fur skirt. Such famous clothing manufacturers as the Top shop and Vera Fashion demonstrated models of warm fur skirts. At first glance, it seems difficult to combine this wardrobe item, but we argue that it’s not at all like that.


A trendy skirt is considered one of the most original things in a winter women’s wardrobe. A warm model allows you to show beautiful legs, create unique images in different styles and feel yourself well even in the worst weather.


Woolen skirts give the wearer comfort and warmth in the winter. And models with a smell also have an unusually attractive look. This skirt emphasizes femininity and sensuality of a woman. With such a feature as the smell, there can be any style, but this season in the trend pencil skirt, skirt-sun, models with a trapezoid shape. The last option this year has found the most spectacular and fashionable outlines.


The undisputed favorite in this list is a denim pencil skirt. Products from denim never go out of fashion. For cold pores, things are made of dense matter. An excellent option for everyday wear and walking is a denim pencil skirt. It is practical, comfortable and stylish. The model range of such pencil skirts is rich and diverse. A special role in choosing it is played by length. The most relevant are the models of medium length, mini and midi. This winter, in a trend, the skirt is of medium length, up to the knee or slightly lower. The most successful additions to it will be soft chiffon blouses, knitted sweaters, shirts, and sweaters.


Without such a warm and stylish skirt in the autumn and winter season simply can not do. Cozy and comfortable models-pleated from merino wool will perfectly fit into the winter image in the style of Keelhaul. This year in the trend, long skirts in the ensemble with turtlenecks and ankle boots.

KNITTED SKIRTstylish skirts

Knitted things are always in trend, including skirts. This is truly a universal item of women’s wardrobe because it can be combined with any clothing. Tops, jackets, sweaters, shirts and other stylish things perfectly complement the knitted skirt. The actual length is midi and maxi. In models of this length, women will look fashionable, expressive and that the most important thing is not to freeze. The trend line is still a pencil.


Corduroy – warm and comfortable material, of which sew more than a dozen years stylish beautiful skirts. In this season, velvet models from a thin hem are actual. Clothing made from such a fabric is excellent for cold pores. Although the texture of the corduroy is dense, the skirts look exquisitely and feminine.

As for the styles, the fashion this year is quite versatile. The most relevant styles for corduroy skirts: mini, “tulips”, skirts-sun, “pencil”. Fashionable colors – beige, yellow, brown.

LONG SKIRT OF VELVETstylish skirts

Velvet warm skirt is ideal for a cold winter. Its fluffy pile warms in bad weather and does not wear out for a long time. A universal style for such a skirt is a “pencil”. Under him, it’s easy to pick up other things. It is best to combine a velvet skirt with classic shoes and a blouse or jacket with light fabrics. Also in the trend now velvet models with a scent and in the shape of a shuttlecock.


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