Important items you need for cake making

There are some things you’ll always want to have in your cupboard when it comes to home baking to make life easier. Whenever the urge hits, you can get baked that way and won’t have to make regular trips to the store. Most baking products have a long shelf-life, so it’s okay to keep them for a while in the cupboard.

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Although you’ll need to have this in the fridge, in several cake recipes, it’s an important ingredient so it’s best to always have your fridge loaded up. Butter has a rich, distinctive flavour that makes it perfect for cake baking and creamed cakes, particularly when a light, moist base is whipped together with sugar.

Baking Powder

This is used as a raising agent that consists of a mixture of tartar cream and soda bicarbonate. The tartar cream serves as an acid that stimulates the soda bicarbonate, which releases carbon dioxide from the baking powder. This aerates the cake and gives it more moisture. It is used in all cake baking, cream cakes in particular.

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A few drops of food flavouring can be the added zing needed by a recipe. To expand the choices for what you can bake and how you can change the flavours, think of getting a few different flavours. Organic Vanilla Extract from Foodie Flavours is an excellent addition.


It is useful to have some packets of plain chocolate in your cupboard. For anything from chocolate cakes to making chocolate chips for toppings or cookies, they are useful. A plain chocolate of about 40 percent cocoa solid is needed for most recipes. Stock up on milk and white chocolate bars with various flavours, too.

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