Creating a shaded seating area in your garden

When it comes to creating a seating area in your garden there are a number of things that you will want to consider that includes everything from the location to the seating choices that you make.

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The first thing you  need to consider is where exactly in your garden you want to create this seating area and the amount of shade or not that you will need. If you are creating your seating area in a walled part of your garden or close to your house you might want to look at some Awnings to come in and fit you one. Then you will be able to pull out during the hotter parts of the day to provide you with some shade.

Next you should think about how accessible the area is and whether you need to create a decking or patio area and what you are going to use to do this. This will very much depend on your personal preference and what kind of look that you are hoping to achieve.

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Once you have the location and the flooring sorted you can start to think about the kinds of seating that you might want to use and this could be anything from making your own seats from used pallets or perhaps looking for some rattan style furniture that is very much in fashion still. A table will depend on whether you plan on eating and drinking outside and will want to tie this in with the seats that you choose. Don’t forget to keep the lawn trim around them some Mountfield Spares for a bit of DIY Spare Parts is a great idea.

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