Savory breakfast: What to eat to start the day well?

The savory breakfast is a valid alternative to the classic sweet one, typical of the tradition. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides us with the energy necessary to face the rest of the morning and to recover some of the fasting hours of the night. For this reason, it is necessary to pay proper attention to breakfast, without ever skipping it, even if we would prefer to pamper ourselves for a little more time in bed or we are in a hurry to go to work.

Most people seem to prefer sweet breakfast, with the indispensable croissant and cappuccino or simply with coffee and biscuits. However, today, more and more frequently, savory breakfast is chosen, as several benefits have been found. In this article, we will explain why it is better to opt for a savory breakfast, rather than the classic one, and also some tips for preparing healthy recipes. Whatever breakfast you choose, remember not to make these mistakes …

Sweet or savory breakfast?

Croissant, biscuits, yogurt and cereals, some homemade cake, toast with jam or rusks, all accompanied by cappuccino, milk, coffee or tea: usually choose one or more of these foods for the first meal of the day. However, the diatribe “sweet or savory breakfast?” it is becoming increasingly popular and many now recognize the benefits of a savory meal in the morning. This is because the sweet breakfast has a relaxing effect on our mind, but the salty one releases an invigorating sensation. In addition, it helps to limit hunger during the morning: in fact, it keeps blood sugar under control, giving a sense of satiety that lasts longer and preventing “hunger attacks “dangerous to health, which catch us at different times of the day. For this reason, it is highly recommended if you are on a diet and trying to lose weight.

Healthy salty breakfast

To prepare a savory breakfast, there are many alternatives, but if you want to stay fit and healthy or if you are on a weight loss diet, you need to carefully choose the foods and a healthy diet. Eating salty foods in the morning means introducing not only carbohydrates but also proteins from the beginning of the day, the quantity of which must necessarily be reduced during lunch and dinner, although they are of great help to those who play sports and face training sessions intense.

It is not recommended to consume the meats, while giving the go-ahead alternating with eggs , bresaola, slices of turkey breast or chicken,smoked salmon , focaccia, whole wheat bread, savory pie with vegetables, dried fruit and low-fat yogurt. As always, the important thing is to vary and prepare the different recipes carefully, without exaggerating the seasonings and salt, preferring extra virgin olive oil.

Recipes for healthy salty breakfast

To recommend some recipes for your healthy savory breakfast, in order to balance the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and even vitamins and minerals in a single meal.

  • Bread and oil: yes, one of the simplest recipes is ideal to eat early in the morning. The oil must be strictly extra virgin, while the bread is better than whole. These two foods combined together bring the right amount of calories and energy.
  • Cereal bread, smoked salmon and almonds: also in this case slices of whole wheat bread, rye or black bread are recommended. You can season it all with extra virgin olive oil and a little pepper, avoiding salt.
  • Scrambled eggs: in general, eggs are an excellent solution for breakfast. You can cook them not only scrambled, but also hard-boiled or soft-boiled. They can be accompanied by vegetables, a few slices of cooked ham or whole-wheat toasted seeds bread.
  • Omelette: always keeping the eggs as the main food, the omelette is perfect for those who can have breakfast a little later in the morning. Vegetables can be added to vary the flavor and it is best to cook it in the oven to limit fat.
  • Wholemeal bagels with spreadable cheese: bagels are an excellent alternative to traditional bread and exist in many variations, including cereals with seeds. They can be prepared either with light cream cheese or with salmon and avocado, ham or even with eggs.
  • Focaccia: traditional cuisine, the focaccia is excellent for breakfast, as long as it is prepared with extra virgin olive oil. It can be eaten both smooth and stuffed, perhaps with a little tomato or cheese.

However you decide to combine the various foods, this ideal breakfast for health chooses all traditional foods, but which are normally eaten for lunch, dinner or as a snack, almost never in the early morning. As drinks you can range: from classic coffee to cold milk, up to fruit juices.

English Breakfast or American salty breakfast?

Certainly, the best known savory breakfasts are the American one and the English Breakfast. In the first case, you can have food both savory and sweet, but in the latter variant triumph the pancakes with eggs and bacon or stuffed bagel in various ways, especially with the salmon. For the English breakfast, however, there are eggs with bacon but sausages, beans, mushrooms, grilled tomato and toasted bread are added. For both, this is not a healthy but rather rich and abundant breakfast , with a high dose of calories and sugars, to be consumed once a week, especially on holidays and weekends, as a “pamper” for our palate.

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