Easter in quarantine: 5 solutions not to lose the festive spirit!

“Christmas with yours, Easter in quarantine”, as depressing as it may seem, there is no need to afflict us. We will help you with 5 simple but effective solutions to celebrate Easter in quarantine as usual without leaving home!

What was the saying? “Christmas with yours, Easter with whoever you want”? Here, maybe it’s time to see it again. Well yes, even the holidays are not immune from the Corona virus tornado and this year we will have to spend the Easter period within four walls. But there is no need to let ourselves be discouraged, it is, in fact, possible to keep the traditions without leaving home. Here are 5 tips to keep the festive spirit despite Easter in quarantine!

1. Aware spending

As we have reiterated here, going shopping should not become a pleasure trip. Therefore, it is appropriate to make a local mind about what we really need and draw up a shopping list as complete as possible , in order to avoid unnecessary and risky coming and going from the supermarket. Even if the current situation is extremely anomalous, do not lose the traditions and for this Easter cook what you used to prepare the past years. And if you don’t find all the ingredients you need, there is no need to panic and organize a complete tour of the shops in the area, rather focus on creativity and to think of alternatives that give a modern twist to your menu!

2. We order online!

Why not combine business with pleasure? Easter eggs, doves, pastiere and whoever has more put them, you know, if they are handmade, there is no comparison! So why not order them from the bakeries in your city and then have them delivered directly to your home? You save time and effort, enjoy a homemade dessert and, at the same time, help small local businesses seriously penalized by the forced closure of all activities deemed unnecessary. We support the Made-In-Italy of which we are so proud in the world!

3. Easter chores

It is not Easter without the Easter chores. Through recycled materials, you can indulge all your creativity as you see fit. In short, colored Easter eggs, paper chicks, floral wreaths, bunnies made with rolls of toilet paper, the list could go on and on. And if you have children at home, all the better. Feeling involved in these fun and creative activities is fundamental for them and will bring them back to school for a moment, where they used to create these DIY items together with their teacher. Moreover, manual activities are a real panacea for the mood since, for a few hours, the mind will keep busy with mechanical actions useful to divert the thought from the worries of the moment.

4. The choice of the outfit

Being locked in the house does not necessarily imply that you have to stay in your pajamas for days and days until the end of the quarantine. A little self- love is what you need to overcome this difficult moment and enjoying yourself in the mirror can be an essential ingredient in this sense. It’s Easter, it’s party, choose your best outfit and dress up as if you were having lunch in a starred restaurant. This will help you feel good about yourself and maintain that little bit of normalcy that we miss so much. And if you are alone, video call your distant friends and relatives, inviting them to do the same. With a little imagination, you will have the feeling of having everyone at the same table elegantly dressed!

5. Let’s stay human!

In the true Easter spirit, let’s not forget to think about who is in difficulty and let’s try, each one as he can, to do something to help. There are many needy families, especially now, given and considered that the current situation is causing great damage to the Italian economy. If you know someone who is struggling to bring food to the table, do not turn away, rather, try to think about how to help. For example, you could cook a few more portions of your Easter menu and give it to those who are less fortunate. In addition, anonymous alternatives also exist to support those who are in a condition of economic hardship. One of all the suspended expenditure, a joint initiative activated in many supermarkets where it is possible to buy excess food and let the professionals, at the end of the day, distribute them to those who need it most. In short, unity is strength, even from a distance!

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