5 tricks to buy Russian fashion clothes without having to sell a kidney

Buying in Russian fashion clothes is much cheaper for foreign travelers. Russia offers not only fascinating architecture and incredible nightlife. Go shopping and you will see with your own eyes. You may be surprised, but some fashion items may be cheaper here than elsewhere because the ruble has fallen in value compared to some foreign currencies. Do not forget to use these tips to save even more money.

Russian fashion clothes: Use the “tax-free”Russian fashion clothes

Good news! Since the beginning of 2018, foreigners (except those from the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union) can make tax-free purchases in Russia. You can claim 18 percent of your expenses when leaving the country. You will have to spend at least 10,000 rubles (174 dollars) on a day in a store before it is possible to claim your tax refund, so try to make that expenditure!. Read more: 10 Russian fashion designers to whom you can buy clothes on the internet

Keep up with the sales seasonsRussian fashion clothes

Discounts and discounts are a great opportunity to fill your closet with fashionable clothes and shoes without spending all your salary. Most collections in Russia are renewed each season, so old stocks are sold at discounts (mid-season sales are in spring and autumn). Most stores in Russia do not close even on weekends, and often the sales are made just before the state holidays: March 8, May 1, June 12 and others. Read more: Printed blouses | Blouse designs for summer 2018

But there are two periods in which you can enjoy purchases with the maximum savings: at the end of December and at the end of June. And this is the moment when people go crazy shopping, even if they do not need anything! Only because the discounts reach 70 and 80 percent.

 Visit the tents storesRussian fashion clothes

The sales never end in Russian! The largest outlet is located not far from the city center, at Leninski Prospect metro station (Ordjonikidze street, 11). Here you can find dozens of famous stores such as Mexx, Guess, Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein and Karen Millen. In addition to clothing and shoes, there are discount stores for sporting goods, for the home, optics, luggage, and cosmetics. And a couple of cafes where you can take a break.

Another great offers store is also not far from the city center, near the Prospect Mira subway station (Olimpiski prospect, 16/1) in the Olimpiyski sports complex (built for the Russian Summer Olympic Games of 1980). The brands are almost the same: Levi’s, Mexx, Calvin Klein, Iceberg, Crocs, Ecco, etc. The discounts are between 30 and 90 percent.

If you want to find more luxury brands, go outside Russian! Bélaia Dacha Outlet Village (buses depart from the Kotélniki metro station every 10-15 minutes) was built following the pattern of European department stores and looks like a small town with its main square, its cozy cobbled streets, and clean houses. Among the brands present are Accessorize, Furla, La Perla or Marella. Throughout the year you can find Levi’s at half price here, so try your luck!

The most famous Russian store, TSUM, which you probably saw near the Bolshoi Theater, also has six discount stores in Russian (visit the website ). The discount for some luxury brands reaches up to 70 percent!

Other popular shopping centers in Russian are the Vnúkovo Outlet Village with shops of Incanto, Aldo, Hugo Boss and Escada (Yugo-Západnaia metro station, bus 611) and the Fashion House with Vans, Motivi, Benetton and Lee (Rechnói metro station) Vokzal, bus 400). Website in Russian. By the way, you do not have to travel there, you can buy online!

 Get a customer cardRussian fashion clothes

Even if a store belongs to a global chain, your card may not be valid in Russia. Moscow stores often suggest special offers or closed sales only for their card customers. So if you go to Moscow often, it’s a good idea to have a customer card from your favorite store.

Test Russian fashion brandsrussian fashion clothes

Modern Russian designers have a lot to offer and at a reasonable price! Take a look at sportswear and casual wear. The young Russians wear comfortable hoodies and spacious Zaporogets Heritage bags, wear Tvoio pants (“Yours”) and choose simple gray “Oh, My” t-shirts.


According to official statistics, five years ago, during the crisis years, more than half of the Russians stopped buying clothes from fashion brands. A wave of cuts and dismissals was unleashed throughout the country, and care for the external aspect was relegated to the background. The women had to resort to all kinds of tricks to look attractive. The Russians have their own secrets and resources to dress well spending the minimum amount of money. The minimum of means and the maximum comfort and beauty. At the time of dressing, Russian women experience not only styles and combinations of clothes, but also have the wonders of their ingenuity when making these garments.

The situation after the crisis was corrected fairly quickly. People were tired of skimping when it came to giving themselves whims and sales in clothing stores increased substantially. However, Buying in  Russian fashion clothes access to stylish and quality garments, therefore expensive, remain a privilege reserved for a few. The majority of Russians who, with a modest financial capacity, want to dress in an elegant way and in the European way are forced to improvise.


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