10 Russian fashion designers to whom you can buy clothes on the internet

Dressing from head to toe in Russian clothes that are fashionable and modern, while comfortable, has become completely viable. You just have to know where to look online. We have selected 10 Russian fashion brands that cater to a wide variety of tastes and budgets, all with online stores, making them available to buyers anywhere in the world.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Russian fashion design?

Gosha Rubchinskyrussian fashion

Rubchinski has become the symbol of modern Russian fashion design, and rightly so. The young designer introduced the image of suburban kids to the fashion world. This resulted in such a success that it earned him an offer of collaboration from Adidas. In 2012, Rucinski caught the attention of the Comme des Garçons brand, which took charge of him offering assistance with production and sales, as well as being present at the Paris Fashion Week shows. In Russia, Rubchinski’s clothing can be found in the KM20 concept store, which, in addition to its characteristic collections, offers its collaborative designs and perfumes, and also sells books. For example, Perfume Books dedicated to the idea of a new perfume created by the designer in collaboration with Comme des Garçons. Read more: Types of blouses you can use to make your waist look smaller

Outlaw Moscowrussian fashion

The Russian brand Outlaw Moscow is only three years old, but it has already attracted a lot of attention and gained a foothold in the Moscow clothing stores. He has found his place in the cabinets of numerous Russian and international celebrities and has launched collaborations with the Fukushima sunglasses brand and the Farfetch online platform. The brand creates comfortable and high-quality garments that have character and charisma, with a functional and cheerful approach to clothing from day to day.

The brand was created by Diliara Minrajmánova and Maxim Bashkáiev. They try to mix the classic and the unconventional, introducing eclectic elements in their designs, combining shapes, colors and unusual materials, using different inscriptions, slogans (for example, ” fight, bloom,” “love in excess”), prints and logos. Read more: Take advantage of the summer sales to buy the Christmas look, right or wrong?

Outlaw Moscow manufactures all its clothes in Russia (in Náberezhnie Chelní and in Moscow), using materials of national production.

STORIESrussian fashion

The fast-growing clothing brand 12STOREEZ, created by the twin sisters Marina and Irina Golomazdins, is expanding by leaps and bounds, constantly expanding its range of clothing, increasing the number of its followers and filling the shelves of stores in Moscow and other cities Russian 12STOREEZ does not create seasonal collections, but introduces new items that appear every month in small quantities, with a demand sometimes higher than the offer. Hence the name 12STOREEZ: 12 stories, 12 mini-collections.

The style of 12STOREEZ is based entirely on the taste of its creators and can be summarized as ” relaxed urban chic”. The garments are comfortable and fashionable, designed to be easily combined and create a harmonious wardrobe without effort or high cost. The current autumn-winter collection has it all: turtlenecks, cozy sweaters, knit dresses, coats, jackets, hats, and footwear. The Limited Collection offers items made of top quality materials: cashmere dresses and sweaters, sheepskin coats, raincoats, dresses and leather pants.

Nina Donisrussian fashion

Russia’s most notable independent label, Nina Donis, was created by Nina Nerétina and Donis Pupils, who have worked together since 2000. Nina and Donis were included in the iD list of the most influential contemporary designers, receiving excellent reviews from Style. com and organized the most anticipated fashion shows in Moscow. Then one day they got tired of so much media exposure and moved to Cyprus.

Today, Nina Donis creates simple but modern collections that are highly sought after both in Russia and abroad. The strengths of Nina Donis are its simple silhouettes, pure colors and beautiful catalogs. Your articles, which in reality have nothing to do with what you normally see, can be purchased on the website of the KM20 store.

Yulia Yadryshnikovarussian fashion

Yulia Yadríshnikova was born and raised in Moscow, where she graduated in Economics before moving to Madrid, where she studied fashion communication at the IED Madrid and then industrial design at the Goymar School of Design and Fashion.

Yulia now designs and makes her own clothing collections (her online store was launched last October!). He also collaborates with artists, musicians like Mujuice and industrial designers.

Yulia’s designs are strongly influenced by her other two passions, modern dance, and architecture. The silhouette always comes first in his work, with other details and asymmetrical lines that emerge later through experimentation with the cut. There is an architectural quality in the collection, which will attract lovers of elegant and quality minimalism.

Alena Akhmadullinarussian fashion

This brand does not need a presentation in Russia. Founded in 2001 in St. Petersburg by the designer Aliona Ajmadulina, it became one of the most recognizable stamps in the history of contemporary Russian fashion. Inspired by Russian and foreign fairy tales, Aliona gave women in today’s society the opportunity to experience a fairy tale in real life and to be feminine and elegant in the traditional sense. In 2005, the brand presented its collection for the first time at Fashion Week in Paris and since then it has been regularly present at fashion shows.

Akhmadullina Dreams is the designer’s second line, aimed at the middle price segment. In other words, a fairy tale that the middle-class woman can afford. The brand uses natural fabrics or modern mixed materials of high quality, such as silk, mercerized cotton, linen, merino wool, Tencel, and viscose.

I AM STUDIOrussian fashion

In the eight years since its inception, this brand has become a commercial success and is popular with fashionistas in Moscow and other Russian cities. The brand is a pioneer in the middle segment of the Slavic country’s fashion industry. It’s about clothes for those who are no longer satisfied with giant brands like ZARA, but who are not willing to spend a lot of money on premium branded clothing either.

The concept of “affordable luxury” was developed and implemented by the founder and designer of the brand, Daría Samkóvich. The secret of its success is that it creates casual models with striking design touches. In its brand special attention is paid to quality, and all items are made with quality European fabrics in Russian high-tech factories.

Initially, the centerpieces of the I AM Studio collections were well-cut coats, which have now been supplemented with basic trousers and shirts, knitwear and accessories, skirts and turtlenecks, as well as dresses that fit in any wardrobe and have the account for all the vagaries of the Russian climate.

By the way, if you need a souvenir shirt with the name of Moscow written on it as a gift, it is better to buy it in one of its stores than in a souvenir stand.

Nedrarussian fashion

Nedre is a new brand in St. Petersburg that manufactures inexpensive basic clothing. Its main designer and founder, Nelli Nedre, thought for the first time starting her own business in 2011 while working on a university project. Today, Nedre launches four collections of basic knitwear a year and an equal number of limited lines. The studio and production facilities of Nedre are located on an area of 200 m2 located in the center of St. Petersburg.

The clothes of the brand stand out for being comfortable and functional. They integrate easily in any wardrobe and style. They are universal garments. For example, the same dress looks just as good with classic shoes or sneakers. In addition, this brand is a blessing for lovers of minimalism in black.

Recently, NNedre has expanded its range with a men’s collection, shirts, parkas, cotton suits, artificial silk and universal jersey.

Walk of Shamerussian fashion

This relatively young brand was created by a favorite of high society, the stylist and designer Andréi Artiómov. He has already fallen in love with Russian celebrities and foreign it-girls. Her extraordinary sexy clothes are very popular among the most fashionable women in Moscow and, among others, among the actress Elle Fanning.

The collections of the brand have a marked period of air. Each item attracts attention thanks to its interesting cuts, materials, unconventional processes applied or stylistic direction. The possibility of wearing a short bodice or pants of a material that looks and feels like vinyl requires a certain degree of skill and courage, but this has not prevented the brand from becoming more popular each year.

VIKA GAZINSKAYArussian fashion

Vika Gazinskaya, a talented designer well known abroad, has always excelled in the world of Russian fashion design. His homonymous brand has been well received by critics and leading fashion experts, and his style stands out for its originality, modernity and artistic spirit. Its main components are an exquisite architectural cut and the use of top quality fabrics that incorporate unusual details, from appliques and incrustations of crystals or artificial stones to prints illustrated by the designer herself. Vika Gazinskaya pieces are sold all over the world, from Tokyo to Canada. Vika’s articles have adorned the windows of the cult shop Colette in Paris twice and were a finalist in the ANDAM fashion contests and the LVMH Award.prêt-a-porter of the Paris Fashion Week. Bloggers and fashion editors praise the designer for wearing her own pieces in a way that always shows original combinations.


  1. Arthur

    These Russian fashion designers are awesome and definitely deserve attention. I think, one more designer can be mentioned. It is Irina Yega and her brand «YAGA» that became popular in recent years due to her new collections of wearable art clothing in which the masterpieces of world culture are widely used, starting from the rock drawings of ancient people and ending in painting of modern artists.

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