Practicalities of Planning a Winter Wedding

If you have decided that the season that you want to get married in is the winter, there are slightly different things to consider than you would do for a summer wedding. Although more people tend to get married in the summer months, there is a big attraction to getting married in the winter – from more people being able to attend as it is not in the summer holidays, to the possibility of having some frosty and snowy photographs taken (however this is never something that you can bet on in the UK!)

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When you are planning a wedding in the winter however, it is important to take the fact that the weather does tend to be worse at this time of the year into consideration. This could affect transport to the venue, so try to have just one venue that isn’t too far to travel to just in case weather causes problems with travel.

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You should also consider the temperatures when you are arranging your wedding and deciding where it will be. For example, a marquee is a popular choice for weddings, with many people looking for marquee hire near me online as they plan their big day. But also think about how you will keep the marquee warm in the colder months of the year. A company like Good Intents marquee hire may be able to help you with the heating of the marquee as well as the structure itself.

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