Is Engineered Timber Flooring the right choice for you?

Engineered wood flooring is a type of wood flooring that consists of engineered wood planks that are constructed from several smaller layers of plywood that have been joined together and are topped with a thin hardwood layer, or lamella. This provides an engineered timber floor with superior structural strength and dimensional stability while still having the lovely aesthetic appeal of hardwood flooring.

Engineered timber flooring is a natural wood floor that is affordable for various uses, simple to install, and low maintenance. Here are a few pros of installing timber flooring in your home-

  • Engineered timber floorboards are structurally solid as flooring and less prone to contraction and expansions than other wood products because of the multi-ply composite design.
  • It is simple to install an engineered wood floor. It may not be necessary to glue engineered floorboards to the subfloor in some situations if they are put as floating floors. However, installing a glued solid wood floor is more complex and expensive than the primary method of glueing, which is needed occasionally.
  • Engineered floors are relatively simple to maintain. It is cleaned with a non-damaging cleaning product and polished, ensuring outstanding results.
  • Engineered flooring can be easily repaired. If any individual planks get broken, an engineered floating floor makes removing and replacing them simple.

What varieties of wood are available for engineered flooring?

Engineered wood flooring comes in a variety of styles. It is feasible to locate engineered timber products made of the same wood species as conventional hardwood flooring because of their real timber construction. This includes a wide variety of engineered hardwood flooring made from European and American oak and locally grown hardwood flooring made from blackbutt and spotted gum.

What stains and colours are available for engineered wood flooring? Along with a wide selection of hardwood alternatives, engineered timber flooring is available in various dyes and treatments, making it a remarkably versatile flooring option that goes with any design.

What is the price of engineered wood flooring?

Solid wood flooring is more expensive to buy and install than engineered wood flooring. The cost of engineered flooring can range from $40/m2 for inferior products to $100/m2 for floors of higher quality. Installation services, including underlay, are often available for about $40/m2.

Because of this, installing an engineered timber floor is a remarkably affordable way to acquire the opulent look and feel of genuine timber floors without paying a premium.

How is a floor made of engineered wood installed?

Engineered wood flooring is most frequently installed using glue and floating floors. Boards are attached using a tongue and groove system and occasionally, though not always, glue when employing the floating method.

The borders of floating engineered timber flooring typically have an expansion gap of about 10 mm to account for any form changes properly. Glueing the engineered timber floor to the foundation is another popular technique. Both of these techniques allow the floorboards to be easily fastened to the building’s concrete slab without the need for nailing or additional preparation, which saves both time and money during installation.

Using an engineered wood floor in a bathroom or kitchen is ideal. It is an excellent option for people who want to give their kitchen or bathroom the abundant appearance of hardwood because it is less vulnerable to expansion and contraction than hardwood flooring.

In places with such high humidity, some expansion is to be expected. Thus this does not imply that engineered timber floors are fully stable. Bathrooms and kitchens are all high-spill locations. Therefore spills must be dried up and cleaned right once to avoid damaging the wood.

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