How to set up an ornamental fish store

Ornamental fish and Aquarium shop are common, but they do not have as much competition as other market sectors. In addition, they have a very specific fixed clientele: those who love having and caring for fish, either because they are passionate about their coexistence or because they like how they look in the decoration of spaces.

And this is the reality, those who sell fish not only sell a decorative element. But living beings that must be studied, understood, fed and cared for like any other pet. That is why not everyone can start a business of this type, but for those who are interested in knowing everything about their care, not only for the sake of animals but to sell them healthy.

1. Why set up an ornamental fish shop business?

Because there will always be demand. When we speak of fixed clientele, we mean that they are the strength of the profits of these businesses; however, there are also many sporadic clients, especially people with children, who wish to acquire one or a few fish to try a new family experience. So, there are many people who buy a freshwater ornamental fish for pleasure, because they were bored and it seemed like a good idea because they want to prove how responsible they are by taking care of a pet before getting a bigger one, etc. It should be noted that most of the fixed customers are people with good purchasing power since maintaining an aquarium requires extra expense and dedication.

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2. How to set up an ornamental fish and fish tank business

ornamental fish

If you want to start a business of aquarium and ornamental fish shop, you should bear in mind that it is not only important to plan your project diligently, look for the capital and everything that involves starting a business; In addition to that, you should immerse yourself in a lot of knowledge to avoid big losses, like for example, that the fish get sick and you run out of merchandise. Remember that it’s about lives. So, this is not a business for those who do not have much time to take care of it or for those who can not with the responsibility of keeping the animals alive and healthy. If you consider that you enter the profile of someone who can do it, we tell you how to achieve it. Take note!

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3. Location

After putting together your business plan and having done a market study, acquire a place that has easy access and is in an area of wealthy people. If you are going to sell large or very sophisticated aquariums, it does not make sense that your fish shop is located in a low-income sector, because your clientele may be very low or nonexistent.

4. Local

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The store should be wide, well lit and have temperature conditions that require aquariums. In it you must have an office for administrative tasks and, in turn, the premises must have an advanced security system, since small shops are usually an easy target for thieves.

5. Personal

In these businesses, the best thing is that there is more than one employee since the work is constant and exhausting. A single person can not cope with the administration of the site. The maintenance of the store and the aquariums, as well as the attention of the public.

6. Forecasts

ornamental fish

Before putting the fish on sale they must be adapted to the environment of the aquariums. Many nursery fish come sick, so it’s a good idea to have hospital tanks inside the store.

In addition, you should get the following to start with the breeding of fish:

  • Tanks for fish
  • Heaters
  • Background filter
  • Electric siphon for water changes (with your tap)
  • Gravel
  • Artificial plants
  • Water treatments
  • Test kit to analyze the balance of pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, hardness or alkalinity etc.

Remember that, tempting as it may be, it is not a good idea to invest in a cheap team. Fish need quality of life to be healthy and to be sold. It is useless to sell fish that will die soon in the hands of the client or before they can be sold. And all for saving in investment expenses that will be recovered later on.

7. Inventory and suppliers

Collect and store the stock of fish food, fish tanks, accessories for tanks and all kinds of items that you will sell. Get a list of suppliers that supply you with merchandise constantly.

8. Marketing

Making the business known is essential. A good strategy is through ads near the store; However, having a presence on social networks can make more potential customers aware of it. Finally, remember that in this type of shops it is necessary to do maintenance. And constant checking to make sure that everything is fine and that the fish stay healthy. If they are not, customers notice it and nobody with knowledge in the area will buy some that will not live long.

ornamental fish

To ensure that nothing is overlooked, investigate thoroughly about the maintenance of the tanks. How the aquariums should be cleaned, how the water should be changed, how the fish should be fed (not all of them eat the same or the same quantity), which fish are aggressive (some even eat their young) and must be separated, what abnormal behaviors some species might have, how to maintain the pH balance in the aquarium, etc.

There are many areas in which you must become an expert to prevent fish from getting sick and dying. So we remember once again that this is not a business for everyone. If you feel excited and determined, get ready and go for it.


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