How to start a juice bar business

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How to put a business of juice bar? The sale of fruit smoothies; that is to say, the sale of juices, is a business with great possibilities of success thanks to the easy to assemble since every day people look for these healthy alternatives in their diet.

Do you like the word juguería? In your country, that word is used to refer to this type of business. I like the juice bar business, and so I will name it in this article.

1. Is there a clientele for a natural juice bar business?

juice bar

Go out to the street or to a shopping center, feel the heat, look at the sweat running through the bodies of the young athletes, watch as the executives look for a drink to quench their thirst. Note how today women want something healthy. The people who drive in the car lower the windows begging someone to sell them something to drink.

They do not want sodas, they do not want drinks with artificial flavors. Your doctor, your instructor, your mom, the media tell you, clearly and emphatically that sodas are bad for your health that you should eat fruits that should drink natural juices.

From the above, it is concluded that yes. If you have customers when you put your business of natural juice bar. In the following paragraphs, you will realize that it is a profitable business.

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2. What do you need to start a natural juice bar business?

I have seen people make a lot of money with a table, a juicer, a few jars of plastic, disposable cups and a bundle of oranges. I do not think these supplies exceed 200 dollars.

juice bar

How do they do that?

They are enterprising people, who have had to go out to the street to search for money at the point of willpower because large amounts of money to invest did not have. Remind me of the spectacular case of Joy Mangano

They have taken the plastic juicer and the jug they had in their kitchen, a table, bought a package of disposable cups and a few kilos of oranges; stopped at the corner of an avenue in the middle of a radiant sun.

They rolled up their sleeves and what they came in: to squeeze the oranges one by one. The juice was filling the jugs and inevitably they also filled their pockets.

His customers were the hurried taxi drivers and thirsty passers-by who could not resist what his eyes saw:

3. Sale of orange juice

A refreshing fresh orange juice in the middle of the hot city whirlpool. The animal of thirst crawled all over their bodies, reached the throat and bought orange juice until they were satiated. !Delicious

With the days the plastic juicer was replaced by an electric juicer, the business is no longer in a corner; the entrepreneur has hired other relatives and friends to sell him the orange juice in the other corners.

juice bar

The above may seem like a story I have invented myself. But it’s real, my dear reader. I’m talking about a business that was made with little money and leaves considerable profits.

You have accounts: how much does a bundle of oranges cost? And if you sell each orange juice say at a price more or less half a dollar, you give you accounts that are profits that exceed 100%.

This is seen a lot in Latin American countries, where this type of informal business is allowed. Informal I mean to be able to set up the business on the street.

But let’s see how to set up the business of natural juice bar in a local and in a more formal way.

4. Put a business of natural juice bar in a local

juice bar

For the place for your natural juice bar business, you must take into account the following aspects:

  1. The location is paramount

Try to be on an avenue or as close as possible. How close there is a place with some sports activity: a gym, a court where people go jogging, a hill or a mountain.

  1. The space of the premises

In addition to the area for the preparation of juices, you must have a space to locate the tables and seats; in the possibility that this space has a parasol.

  1. Give a very pleasant atmosphere to your place, which looks like a nice juice bar

Think what is the right color for this type of business. Decorate it with fruit posters and above all with images of fitness people; that is, healthy.

  1. The attention must be the best

You or your employees must have a vocation for customer service. It is not enough that the juices are delicious, the client must leave with the feeling that he was in a paradise; in this way, he will return to your business.

5. Supplies that a natural juice bar business needs

What you need to start your natural juice bar business is:

  1. A refrigerator to preserve fruits and have ice.
  2. Various blenders. Your blenders should be powerful, that resist the fruit smoothie with ice. That support a workload of several uses per day.juice bar
  3. Glasses and cigarettes. You need crystal glasses for people who drink the juice in the room and disposable glasses for those customers who want to take the juice for the road. Some cigarettes with individual packaging give a good image of hygiene to your product.
  4. Tables and seats. The tables should not be large, the ones that occupy less space are better. Depending on the approach you give to your juice sales, you can skip the tables and drive only seats.
  5. Of course, the fruits must be of the best quality. Buying by packages comes out cheaper.

6. Recipes of natural juice bar for business

The recipes for preparing natural juices are not as obvious as it may seem at first glance. You have to be very careful with the mixtures of fruits that we make at the time of juice preparation.

Did you know that there are fruits that should not be combined?

To make a good juice recipe it is necessary to make a good combination, for this we can classify the fruits into four large groups :

Acid fruits: For example, orange, pineapple, lemon, maracuya, grapes, grapefruit, etc.

Semi acid fruits: Examples of these fruits are strawberries, peaches, peaches, peaches, etc.

Sweet fruits: Among these are papaya, banana, guanabana, etc.

Neutral fruits : For example: coconut, peanuts, avocados etc.

When making your recipe you must be careful not to mix those of one group with those of another.

Now that you know the right combination between fruits you can make the recipes that come to your imagination.

7. Suggestions for natural juice drinks:

Refreshing juices :

The juices made with acidic fruits are the best to quench thirst. Make combinations between orange and tangerine. The juices of lulo are effective to refresh. The slushies with the acid fruits are usually very requested.

Juice to lose weight:

juice bar

Pineapple is a natural diuretic. A pineapple juice is ideal for those people who have a weight loss plan. In no time you think of making pineapple juice with milk, the result is a very toxic drink.

Shake-type juices :

Is there anything more delicious than a banana shake? Banana shakes are preferred by athletes because they provide great energy. In general, sweet fruits are ideal for preparing milkshakes.

Recipes with coffee :

Surely one or another client will come to your business. Or from a group of friends, there will be one that does not feel like a fruit juice, for this reason, it is important that you know how to prepare an alternative drink that does not have fruit. One recommendation is to prepare drinks with coffee, tea water, and aromatics. For example, a milkshake with coffee would be an option to consider.

Fruit salad :

juice bar

Consider selling fruit salads. There are people who like to feel the piece of fruit in their mouth. You can offer this product, I think it does not go against your original business plan of selling juices.

I have a very extensive article. The reason is that I like to give a lot of information about the business ideas that I suggest. I hope you get to start your business with this idea of the natural juice bar. If you liked it, I ask you a small favor:

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