How to Draw Mountains Step by Step Easy for Beginners

Nowadays, many people choose to have a hobby and often wish to learn how to draw. Drawing is a process that underlies countless arts, especially the figurative ones. In fact, painting, sculpture, and cinema originate from drawing. Have you decided to try your hand at drawing? Think you’re good enough at drawing landscapes but don’t know how to draw mountains? No fear! With the right advice and a little practice, you can create a beautiful mountainous landscape.


  • White sheet
  • pencil and eraser

Step -1

First, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what you want to draw. Don’t try to improvise as the drawing will almost certainly leave a lot to be desired. If you want to get inspired by a landscape you have seen, it is good to look for some online photos of the place you have visited from which you can draw inspiration. Furthermore, in this way, you will be able to recall some details of the landscape that you will almost certainly have forgotten. If, on the other hand, the landscape you want to draw is invented, try to imagine it well in mind before moving on to draw.

Step -2

If this is your first time drawing mountains, take a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and start making some tests that you will need when you go to make the actual drawing. Remember that to get beautiful mountains you must never forget to represent the shape, volume, and perspective of these well. The first thing to draw is, therefore, the shape, that is, the silhouette of the mountain range. This is the easiest step to take. So draw the backs of your mountains on the background of the paper.

Step -3

Now, you need to add volume to these lines. To do this it is necessary to use the chiaroscuro technique. Choose, therefore, the side of the sheet from which the solar or lunar rays will come, and represent that side of the mountain with a line that starts from the tip of the mountain itself. In this way, a facade of the mountain will be created which must be colored differently than the remaining parts. Remember to use chiaroscuro on each mountain you draw.

Step -4

Ultimately, you need to recreate the perspective within your design. To get your mountains in perspective, you need to consider depth. Maybe draw some larger mountains in the foreground and some smaller, inaccurate mountains in the background. Use depth also, for example, with trees that will adorn your mountains – everything needs to be bigger in the foreground and smaller in the background.

Never forget:

Don’t get nervous if you don’t succeed right away! With a little practice, it will be easier

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