3 easy steps to take your style to a new level this winter

Winter will be here in no time and for fashion enthusiasts there is no better time of the year to show off the faux fur coats, new sweaters, and leather blazers. If this winter you’ve decided to upgrade your style and to start looking more put together and preppy, you came to the right place. Today, we’ll talk about 3 easy ways that you can look better in the upcoming season.

Develop your personal style

If you want to figure out what your style is and what clothes you should look for when shopping, the easiest, but most expensive way would be to hire a personal stylist. However, it would be completely unrealistic to think that all of your readers have the time, budget, and energy to do this so instead, there are many reliable fashion pieces of advice that you can keep in mind when going on your next shopping spree. The easiest way of building your own style is by trying out different clothes, be it timeless classics or trends that will be seen as outdated in just a few seasons. By doing this you will understand what garments look better on your and which ones you should not put in your cart. If you want to learn more about how to style different colors, a wonderful fashion tip that I’ve recently learned is to take a look at the labels of the non-fashion brands as they were created by designers who are experts in this field.

Basics, but better

Filling up the closet with basics is usually at the very top of the fashion advice list if you want to start dressing up better. Even though basic winter clothes such as knit sweaters, scarves, and leather boots are indeed stylish and perfectly suitable for the season, you can always dress even better by making simple adjustments to the classic clothes. For example, get a pair of chunky combat boots with thick soles instead of the classier regular ones as regardless of what you pair them with the look will seem more creative and artistic even if you’re wearing sweatpants. Another idea would be to get a more interesting hat than a classic beanie, such as an Irish flat cap made of wool you can find online on gaelsong that would protect you and keep you warm while also elevating your outfits and looking way more distinctive than the basic uninspired beanie hat. You can hop on gaelsong website to find Irish flat caps in plenty of designs and patterns perfect for your winter looks.

Don’t ignore trends

One of the biggest mistakes a newbie fashion enthusiast makes when upgrading their wardrobe for a particular season is to totally ignore all trends and only focus on building a classy capsule wardrobe. However, if you really want to dress better, you should think of trends as spices for a meal, as something that when added in the correct proportions can give you the missing “it element” that you’ve been looking for. This winter is generous on interesting trends and you will surely find something that will perfectly match your new style. The chunky combat boots that we’ve mentioned above are a hit of the season, and if you prefer comfort and practicality over style you’ll be delighted to find out that cargo pants with multiple pockets are also highly regarded this season.

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