How to think when you draw

“I would like to know how to draw”. Is that a sentence you’ve already said? Drawing is available to everyone, no need to have a palette and artist’s gear to start. A notebook and a pencil, an eraser and a pen. The hand is a tool, your brain draws. Here are 6 things to think about when you draw.

  1. Draw 10 minutes a day

This is the minimum to progress.

  1. Reflect on your drawing

We do not throw ourselves on a blank sheet of paper and here we go, my kiki !! Think about your drawing beforehand. Attention zero pressure at the start. Learning to draw is knowing how to visualize the world differently. Knowing how to analyze shapes, space, and light.

  1. Work on your line

It is also working on your style. Bye-bye the small lines, and the choppy and jerky pencil strokes. Prefer straightforward and slender lines, even if it means going back over it, it does not matter. This will allow you to assert your “pencil stroke”

  1. Do not imitate

Indeed do not seek to imitate. By doing this you will not develop your own style and if your design is not exactly like your model you may be disappointed. What I advise you to progress is the observation drawing. It can be practiced anywhere (I do it a lot when traveling, or when I’m on the phone, a student I used to do my sketches in the metro), and requires very basic equipment. Take an object in the line of sight and sketch, then change angles and start over.

  1. Relax

Don’t ask yourself too much at first and be tolerant of yourself. Find your pleasure in the practice of drawing. You will thus cultivate your desire to progress.

  1. The tools

The tool does not make the artist so to start it is necessary to see simple. I recommend a notebook of white pages, a pencil, an eraser, a pen, and a black marker.

Drawing is not a waste of time, on the contrary, I think it is a way to de-stress and develop creativity. On the other hand, it is not a technique that can be learned in 2 steps 3 movements. It takes time, persistence, and consistency in its practice. Don’t fall into the “perfect” trap, it’s completely anti-productive.

So as not to leave you like that, I am offering you a drawing challenge “one day, drawing”.

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