How to Act When Your Partner Hides Your Relationships

As a rule, the beginning is the most exciting and happy time of a romantic union. The desire to tell the world about your new loved one can be understood, so many people do this. However, not everyone shares such impulses. It may turn out that your new partner does not want publicity at all and does not tell anyone. This does not necessarily mean that the romantic union is doomed, especially if you understand the reasons for this behavior. Appreciate the sincerity of your lover and make a smart decision.

Do not rush to conclusions.

There are many reasons why a lover may not talk about your life together, so you do not need to immediately think about the bad. The answer may turn out to be simple and harmless. For example, your new lover is quite silent and secretive in nature, so they do not tell anyone about their personal life.

Openly discuss your concerns.

If this situation causes you inconvenience or you do not have an idea of ​​the lover’s motives, then a sincere conversation will be the best solution. To talk, you need to choose a moment when you are not busy with anything and can calmly talk. Speak in the first person so that the person does not feel the need to defend themselves. You can say: “We’ve been together for several months, but you still haven’t introduced me to your relatives. I am a little hurt by such a mystery. Can you explain to me why you don’t want to tell anyone about us?”

They’ve had a recent romance.

Your new lover may keep the romantic union a secret out of respect for the former partner, if they recently broke up, or protect you from the negative on the part of such a person. For example, your partner’s ex may take revenge or hold a grudge against you because they still love their ex. On the other hand, a new partner may still have feelings for their ex and be silent about your romantic union in case they want to meet them again.

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Your new lover is not yet ready to officiate your life together.

Some people are simply afraid of speaking about their personal life to other people. Perhaps they consider this a bad omen or are simply afraid of obligations. Whatever the reason, some people simply do not want to talk about their personal lives.

Your lover does not want to hear criticism.

If your loved one’s parents or other close people have a strong opinion about what their loved one should be, he may be silent about the romantic union if you do not meet the criteria of the parents. Secrecy can relieve them of significant stress, but it can also adversely affect your life together. However, it can also protect you from criticism.

Stop relationships if you are unhappy.

Perhaps you thought you could handle it, so you agreed to hide your romantic union. If you no longer have the strength to remain silent, then you are not required to stay with a partner. In some situations, it is unreasonable or even dangerous to be with a person who hides their love for you, especially without good reason. Fortunately, you can always leave. If the lover hid your romantic union, then when you part, it may be in your hands. The lack of the need to explain the situation to other people or on social networks will help you recover faster than with the usual breakup when everyone asks questions or gives advice.

Make a decision for the future.

Such secrecy can be painful, but a similar experience will help you understand what you expect from your personal life. For a healthy romantic union, it is important that your emotional needs are met. Difficulties happen in any union, but it is also important to feel love, care, and a positive attitude. Do not forget to listen to your needs when it comes time to build a new romantic union. Strive to be aware of your emotions. No need to take the partner’s word as law. Your feelings are your feelings. Think about your needs. How important is it for you to talk to family and friends about your personal life? If this is really important, then do not hide this need from the very beginning. Listen to intuition. An inner voice will always tell you how safe you are with your loved one. Be careful and take action if you hear danger signals.

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