Design trends for 2020

The new year is on its way, so what better time to give your home or office a style revamp? If you are thinking about this opportunity to update your interior design or even move house and start from scratch through a Gloucester Estate Agents on sites such as, here are some on-trend ideas to get you started.

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A green year

Environmental inspiration is big news this year, so consider incorporating yellow/green shades in your interior design plan. Other earthy tones are also a great choice, whether you are choosing new curtains for your living room or having bespoke commercial desks designed. Hazelnut is a versatile choice, as are warm nude tones. Kale green is a more adventurous option, as are ‘splash’ shades such as fiery orange and lapis blue.

Mixed metals

This year’s trend for mixed metals can be incorporated into a range of design options. The style aim of this mixing of metals is to create a combination of minimalist and industrial design. Metal vases, trays, lamps and pendants are ideal to transform a space with the minimum amount of effort.

Unexpected design pairings

Feel free to let your imagination run wild in 2020 and combine different aspects of three of this year’s most popular design styles: south-western, featuring desert plants and cowhide rugs; Scandinavian, with its linen upholstery and bleached wood; and industrial, complete with unfinished woods and raw metals.

Natural interior accents

Use cork and terracotta as interior accents to instantly update the look of your home or office and to add warmth and texture. Before you start, check out interior designer tips online.

Modern minimalism

The trend for minimal living continues and 2020 is the year of stylish and functional storage solutions, perfect for small-space living or working.

High-lacquered wood

If you are choosing wood this year, go for high-lacquered versions – the shinier the better to add texture and sophisticated elegance to any space.

Furniture as art

Add interest to your space with a unique chair, desk or bench.

Boutique living

Be inspired by the global feel of a comfortable or glamorous boutique hotel, making every day feel like a holiday. This look also demands that you hide clutter and opt for easy-to-clean furniture and accessories, perfect for busy lifestyles.

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